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Aug 16, 2006 08:09 PM

I will eat just about anything except...


*MacDonald's hamburgers...disgusting taste, disgusting smell, disgusting texture
*chopped chicken liver...hate the smell
*I love crab EXCEPT for the kind served in the shell that you have to spend forever picking out the small pieces of crabmeat...too d*mn much work!


  1. Fried egg sandwiches with mayo.


    1. Butter and jelly sandwiches, ugh.

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      1. re: steinpilz

        Chatty, "all chime in" discussions are addictive and contagious. Here's why it's a bad thing for Chowhound:

        1. we're trying to build a data trove, not a chat room. The chattier we get, the more chatty people are drawn into the site, and they dilute the other boards (and the great signal-to-noise ratio that attracted you here in the first place).

        2. All of you don't chime in on every discussion...because not everyone has feedback re: lasagna in Boise or brunch in Berkeley. But chatty discussions inflate far bigger and's like 1000 people getting on an elevator meant for ten. It takes over like kudzu.

        So, please resist the urge to use Chowhound like a chat room. One can go just about anywhere on the internet to chitchat. Let's keep Chowhound an oasis from all that.

      2. Octopus. Too chewy for me. Even when prepared in the best sushi restaurant in NYC, I found it like chewying on a tire.

        Ketchup on eggs. 'nuff said.

        1. Not crazy about innards. Won't eat bugs. Don't like okra when it's slimey, but if prepared so taht it's not, it's fine. Would prefer not to eat sea cucumber again, thanks. Other than that, I'm pretty wide open.

          1. McDonald's. I lose my appetite when I walk in.

            I love crab and artichokes, but I'm too lazy to eat a lot if I have to do all that prep at the table.

            Anything containing hydrogenated fat, Olestra, Splenda, or other lab products.