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Anyone have a good Oneg Shabbat menu?

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My two children are becoming Bnai Mitzvah in Oct. and my caterer is unfamiliar with regular traditions for the community luncheon after the service. I would love some input for unique offerings.

We do not keep Kosher and it's a reform temple so food need not be "Kosher Blessed" just "Kosher Style" (no mixing of milk and meat).

The basics include:
Bagel/lox platter
Noodle Kugel
Whitefish and/or Tuna Salad
Fruit Salad
Green Salad??
Cheese Platter?
Yummy deserts

Any interesting chowish ideas out there????

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  1. What is "Kosher Blessed"?

    1. I'm assuming she means that the food need not be certified kosher.

      1. Not Kosher Blessed basically meansThe foods need not be Kosher certified nor certified by a Rabbi.

        A mushroom or spinach Knish perhaps?
        mini vegetarian egg rolls

        1. How about kugel muffins? The caterers make them in different flavors in muffin pans-such as broccoli, squash, and potato. Theyb look nice and are easy to eat.

          1. Since you're looking for a traditional-but-dairy shabbat meal, you might want to consider a parve cholent. Some recipes for your caterer's use can be found at http://mailgate.supereva.com/rec/rec....

            1. You might want to add some Israeli foods like Tahini, Humous, Taboulli, etc. to go with some Israeli salad.

              1. Assorted blintzes, and kugels.

                1. You are correct in the assumption regarding certified Kosher.
                  These ideas are great....keep them coming!

                  Do you have the recipe for Kugel muffins??
                  Thanks chowhounds!

                  1. i would definitely go with assorted kugels -carrot, sweet noodle, potato, broccoli, spinach, vegetable etc the list is endless, why stick with just one flavor? and for kugel muffins its the same as a kugel just put them in muffin molds instead of a pan you could also do latkes or vegetarian stuffed cabbage or peppers