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Aug 16, 2006 07:56 PM

Arlington: best pizza?

I'm living temporarily in Arlington and hungry for a great pizza. Don't want to drive too far (ie, would prefer to stay in the general Arlington area, will go 10 miles or so, but I'm *not* driving all the way into Dallas). I like just about any style of pizza as long as it's really well done. Like a good, fresh sauce, not too much cheese (and no cheddar, please!). Prefer a place that has good veggie options (something beyond mushrooms, onions, and the other usual suspects). The only thing I don't like is pizza that's too loaded down. Any hope for me? :) Thanks!

(I'm near Fielder and Randol Mill if that helps any)

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  1. Hmm, well, there's a place called Nizza Pizza somewhere arounds there. I think it's a converted Taco Bell, but it gets really busy. Not my favorite style of pizza though.

    And I'd heard of a good hole-in-the wall place in Grand Prairie. Can't remember the name, but it's in a strip mall next to a laundromat? Anyone know about this place?


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      Nizza Pizza isn't bad. It is in an old Dairy Queen right down by the UT Arlington campus on Cooper St. In that same area is Tony's Pizza Pasta and Subs on Park Row off of Cooper. Their pizza is good, but their Caesar salad is even better. Just ask them to go light on the dressing unless you like a lot.

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        perhaps the Toast is thinking of Isabella's Pizzeria, 617 W Marshall Dr., Grand Prairie, 972-262-5108, situated in an old convenience store, run by an old mom&pop from NY. i love the vending machine - like a time capsule locked in the '70s - and yet the place is spotless. she is isabella, and she makes the dough for the crust herself; the result is bready and crunchy (rather than stretchy and chewy) but still very good. springfever might find it more "loaded" than desired, but i'm sure toppings could be customized

        this old conversation has a description of corky's (a conversation which, i note, TXToast offered a recent contribution re: another of my fave topics, croissants)

        1. re: teegee

          It could be. It was described as a "total dive" and something that I'd not want to go to. But, the pizza would be good.


      2. Charlie's Pizza is a great thin-crust place that's not too far away -- it's at Meadowbrook and Handley in Fort Worth, east of Loop 820.

        Even better is Corky's on Little Road down south, between I-20 and 287.