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Aug 16, 2006 07:41 PM

Best morning-time tacos in Santa Barbara area?

I'll be spending a night in Santa Barbara in a couple of weeks, and I was thinking I might grab some tacos before a drive up to Los Gatos. I was originally thinking we'd check out La Super Rica and/or Lilly's Taqueria, but neither is open until 11am, it seems, and that would be too late for us to get on the road. Coming from San Antonio, TX, where almost all the taquerias are open early, I guess I'd set myself up with a false expectation that the taquerias in SB would be no different. Could somebody please point me in the direcion of some great tacos in the Santa Barbara area that we could enjoy for breakfast?

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  1. Try switching gears a bit and order the Huevos Rancheros at the Rose Cafe on Haley Street in Santa Barbara. A nicely "traditional" Mexican breakfast.

    Rose Cafe website and menu:

    Rose Cafe reviews:

    1. Might check The Minnow in the harbor, downstairs and around the corner from Brophy Bros, had a great huevos rancheros there yesterday AM, and noticed they have fish tacos on the menu.

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        The Minnow has the cheapest fish and chips in town too.

      2. Taqueria El Bajio is open in the morning they have some breakfast selections available in addition to the regular menu available in the morning.

        This is my favorite taqueria in town.