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Aug 16, 2006 07:27 PM

Financial District Lunch Options: Sultan's Kitchen and Rock Sugar Thai Cafe

Just moved back downtown (happily) and tried an old standby in a new location (Sultan's Kitchen) and a new spot (Rock Sugar). Results were mixed but positive:

Falafel sandwich from SK was HUGE and fresh, EXCEPT that the falafel itself was extremely dry and overspiced with something unappealing to me. I do, however, think they have the freshest pita bread I've had in the area. It was $6-7 and could have feed two easily.

The side ($4) of a green bean meze dish that was on display on the counter, however, was just as delicious as it looked and as I remembered the place being -- what are other favorites there (that are NOT the falafel)? I'll be back to try other options.

Rock Sugar takeout Pad Thai with chicken ($7.50) and Beef Satay ($5) was fresh and not too oily (common Pad Thai problem in my opinion), but both dishes needed more seasoning, heat, and spice -- the Pad Thai was almost white like the few chicken pieces in it.

Also, a vermicelli salad was also really fresh, but needed some (more?) fresh lime juice/cilantro added for flavor.

Maybe it's time to sample their soups and curries next time -- perhaps that's where they're putting all the flavor?

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  1. Rock Sugar is quite decent, but I'm still going to append the "for the Financial District" clause to anything I have to say about it.

    The tom yum soup is pretty good...
    The massaman curry is pretty good...
    The [insert other dish here] is pretty good...

    ...for the Financial District.

    I'm thrilled to have it around as a f.d. lunch option, and have not once gone wrong with a menu choice, but insofar as I can tell, there aren't any definitive signature dishes either.

    1. Where is Rock Sugar located?

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        It's on Batterymarch St. near Milk St. and the Hilton (used to be Wyndham) Hotel -- in the heart of downtown, a couple of blocks from Post Office Square. It's not a destination in my opinion, but an OK option to have if you happen to be in the area.

      2. Sultan's Kitchen is very good. Never been disappointed.
        I am not a fan of Al's next door even though it's always packed.

        1. Rock Sugar is very satisfying. It's affiliated with (owned by?) Chilli Duck on Boylston, which is itself pretty good.

          1. I'd been meaning to trythis place for a while..and the comments on the board jogged my memory.

            Lunch today of hot and sour soup and chili, basil duck were both excellent..properly

            At $14 for lunch, it's not cheap; but I could (should) have made it into 2 meals easily.

            Best;only? Thai in the area..owned by Chili Duck people.

            I'm referrring to Rock Sugar...been a long time fan of Sultan's too..:)

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              I like that Rock Sugar has free delivery at lunch - their duck pad thai hits the spot when I have a craving.