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Aug 16, 2006 07:26 PM

Green, Brown, Orange?

I've just come across this place, or rather group of places. Green (catering) Brown (cafe) and Orange (epicerie) The cafe menu looks intriguing. Any experience on the list with the cafe?

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  1. this probably isn't going to be much help to you, but i had brunch at the cafe several years ago. food was tasty but at this point what i remember most is the extremely pleasant atmosphere. it's been on my list to re-visit since i moved back to the area.

    1. I had brunch there a couple of weeks ago, midweek. I just had a quiche and some coffee, but it was good. It's always busy on the weekends, if that means anything.

      1. I believe the colors refer to the different businesses (catering, grocery and restaurant). I've had dinner and brunch at Brown Cafe several times and found it extremely pleasant. Prices are reasonable, food is sort of high-end comfort-ish, but not greasy. Give it a try.

        1. Also, apparently they've added Pink to the list, which is an organic wine shop.

          1. the food is really good (the chicken and the brunch esp) but usually the service is CRAP. went for brunch the other day- place was practically empty and we were brought water and then waited 20 minutes, tried flagging down the waitress who blatantly ignored us, and so we left. I was bummed!