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Aug 16, 2006 07:24 PM

Going to Aziza--must haves please

I'm finally getting a chance to go to Aziza with some friends to celebrate a birthday. I'm sure we will all have the tasting menu. If you have choices with the tasting menu, please share your must-haves. I've already picked my cocktail! There will be three of us.

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  1. squab, watermelon salad, chocolate and mint ice cream sandwich...also, the tuna is great, as well as the shank and the tagines

    enjoy. you also gotta get the couscous even if it's just a side...will change your view of the pasta

    1. The app of three different spreads is definitely a must-have!

      1. beef kefta skewers, spreads, chicken basteeya, lamb with charred eggplant

        1. Basteeya, which you get automatically with the prix fixe.

          I found the lamb shank too sweet. Everything else was great.