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Aug 16, 2006 07:22 PM

Toronto: Fine food stores in the core?

Does anyone know of any fine food stores in the core? I'm looking for charcuterie, cheeses, and breads. I find Olivers (or Olivers & Co.?) astronomically expensive.

Otherwise, I'm hitting the FCP Kitchen Table...

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  1. Not in the core but there is a Whole Foods (Whole Pay-cheque) and a Pusateri's in Yorkville. I don't know if it's close enough for you though.


    1. Alex Farms (Danforth across from Carrot Common, St Lawrence Market & maybe one other location on Yonge). They have an excellent selection of cheeses, fresh bread, olives (especially their niscoise in rosemary) and lovely olive oils they bring in from the old country among other things. My preferred locale is the Danforth store. They also have meats etc. This is fast becoming my one stop shop for dinner party and hostess gift essentials.

      Further east on the Danforth, there is a small grocery store that has specialty foods. I can't remember the name, but I am heading over that way now and will report back. They are definitely cheaper than Pusateri's.

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      1. re: dinin and dishin

        Hey Dindin and Dishin, I was wondering if you could remember the name and ads. of this grocery store east on Danforth? i'll keep an eye out for your post. thanks.

          1. re: Rabbit

            Yes Rabbit. It is Sun Valley. It's between Carlaw and Pape.

      2. Thanks for the good suggestions Davwud and Dishin. Yeah, WF is completely out of my way, as is St. Lawrence/Danforth, and tonight time is critical (Houseguest over at 6pm: Buy snacks! Buy wine! Get home! Clean the house! Look refreshed enough to entertain!)

        I should have been clearer: by "core" I meant "financial core", the downtown business area bordered by Front, University, Yonge, and Richmond.

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        1. re: Olivia

          If Front & Yonge is within your geographic zone, then the St. Lawrence market is only a 5 minute walk East of there along Front... it won't be busy on a weeknight. Probably your best bet.

          1. re: Gary

            SLM is totally doable at lunch. I'm at King and Bay and went yesterday--bought meat, veggies, bread, spices etc AND sat down and ate some delicious perogies and was back at my desk in under an hour.

            1. re: Minnow

              Another vote for SLM. It's a quick walk from the bank towers. I hit it up daily in the nicer months - try to get there once a week during colder times - for my dinner ingredients.

              Enjoying a tiny $10 block of butter I picked up there today right now..

        2. Yes, you can get some great speciality stuff at St. Lawrence Market. But be sure to get there before 6.

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          1. re: mtampoya

            Perhaps you could go before you go to work. You can always get your breakfast at St. L.

            I figured Yorkville was out of your way.


            1. re: mtampoya

              I am racking my brain on this and there is really not a lot downtown surprisingly. Yes, Oliver & Co is ridiculous expensive, the Kitchen Table has minimal selection, Cumbraes is more out of the way on Church.

              I would definitely do St. Lawrence Market.

              Scheffler’s for charcuterie.
              Alex Farms for Cheeses.
              Bread at the end of the day can be hit or miss, a lot is sold out so better to get there at lunch. And have a delicious Italian Sandwich for lunch.

              1. re: Mila

                Yes, Mila is right. Get there early for the bread. By 5..most if not all is gone. There is also the stip in Rosedale..the Butcher, the Baker...there is a speciality store there that sells some great stuff too

            2. Fresh & Wild at King & Spadina has good selection - decent bread, good meat, good produce, and a very wide array of pantry-type goods - mustards, jams and stuff like that. Frozen stock. Pretty good cheeses. Plus a few pastries...........