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Aug 16, 2006 07:21 PM

Farm on Adderly (Cortelyou Rd)

Has anyone tried this place yet? Is it good?

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    1. Went this past Sunday (8/27) and had a very good experience. First off the place/atmosphere is extremely warm and inviting. The food experience varied. I had the Cucumber Soup (gazpacho style-cold) that had some interesting flavors. If you love cucumbers, you'll love this. The pate left a little to be desired. Too meatloaf-like. My girlfriend had the Hanger steak w/ fries (it was sliced and very delicious) and I had the Artichoke ravioli (which I thought was marvelous). There was a nice and very affordable wine selection. We also share a dessert, which was the sponge cake, covered in blackberries. Although it had a nice taste, it was not very sponge-like, but the small size was appreciative after having so many entres. In the end, the tab was extremely great for all the good food we had. My only realy complaint is the service. Although everyone was very nice, our waitress got completely lost after our apps. Didn't get to see her until it was time to order dessert. We had gotten there for an early dinner around 6pm, but not too long afterwards a massive dinner crowd packed the place. I guess it caused some chaos. BTW, I wouldn't hesitate to visit again (Im from NJ and my GF is from Queens).

        1. I returned to this place on Saturday (8/26) and I must say it hasn't lost any of its initial luster. The chilled cucumber soup indeed was redolent of cucumber, as the poster above suggests. But the most interesting aspect, IMO, was a generous lump of lumpen crab meat in the center. I was dubious about the pairing, but I must say it worked--evoking the flavors, if not the format, of a summertime Vietnamese feast. The hanger steak with garlic jus was a nice cut, nicely cooked, though the accompanying broccoli rabe and squash was rather buried under the meat and came across as a bit mushy. The veggies were not so much a detriment, but a superfluous distraction, as a glass of insipid merlot might be to mess of spicy enchilades.
          My companions chose the Chicken-in-the-Hay, which looked every bit as chickolicious as when I sampled it a month ago, and the artichoke ravioli, which drew raves. (Folks in here keep writing about the same dishes because the Farm's menu is seasonally driven and not all that expansive. Of course that prolly accounts for its nearly flawless execution; I don't begrudge limited choices if they are all good choices!)
          The sponge cake was competent but the desert to order, IMO, is the Chocolate-Banana Upside Down Cake with butterscotch sauce and coconut sorbet.
          I suppose the timing of the service was a little uneven, but the waitstaff are friendly, the owners solicitous and the bartender's repertoire goes well beyond cosmos, which is a rare and welcome thing these days.
          No doubt we'll be back on the farm soon.

          1. On a recent trip I found the service to be really awful. I'm usually not picky about that stuff, but it was beyond the pale. The staff didn't know what they were doing, from the host who predicted a wait time half as long as it turned out to be, to the waiter who knew we only had an hour to eat and did nothing to ensure our order arrived within the hour (it didn't).