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Aug 16, 2006 07:08 PM

BDay Cake with Fruit for Dieter

My office is celebrating my manager's birthday on Tuesday, and we would like to get her a bday cake, but she's on a diet. Any recommendations on a good place that sells a bday cake with lots of fruit (hopefully low on calories)? TIA.

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  1. What about an ice cream cake from Tasti Delite? Every dieter LOVES that place : )

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    1. re: Melanie

      Do they make cakes?? I'd love one...

      1. re: piccola

        they do, indeed, Piccola. I've never had one, but they certainly look good! They also make ice cream sandwiches (again, never had one, but I assume they are tantamount to something like "Skinny Cow")

        1. re: Melanie

          I think Mary's Dairy also makes ice cream cakes. Not sure if they'll do a cake with their frozen yogurt, but if so, it's much, much, tastier than Tasti.

          1. re: carbonara

            forzen yogurt does not equal low cal. Tasti has much lower calories per ounce.

            1. re: carbonara

              Chowgal, if you had been to Mary's Dairy, you would know that they promise an average of what Tasti promises (15 calories per ounce versus Tasti's 11-17 calories).

              That said, the servers at Mary's Dairy corrected me the other day and let me know that it's technically soft serve, not frozen yogurt.

              Finally, and in any case, I find it difficult to believe any of these companies' calorie claims, especially after the low-calorie ice cream debacles of a few years ago.

      2. chinatown is always a good source for light, fruit-filled cakes. although some have fillings that the American palate might not be as used to-- eg, chestnut paste, or taro.

        in general i like Chinese cakes better because they are fluffier, lighter, not as sweet and rich, and very fruity.

        another option is the cakes they sell at Japanese bakeries--such as Cafe Zaiya. They are also fruity and light, or flavors like green tea, which are not nearly as heavy and fattening as regular American cakes.

        1. Angel food is a way to go (no fat) - if you make it, reduce the sugar and increase, perhaps, the flavor - lemon zest, etc. Than serve with fruit compote. But Angel food cake is available all over the city.