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Aug 16, 2006 06:54 PM

Louisiana Fried Chicken in Oakland - Eating Crow

I had always shunned the Louisiana Fried Chicken place on Broadway just south of Grand in Oakland after the first awful experience (dry, cement-like coating on tasteless chicken and terrible sides). After several others, including J. Leff, tried it, I still clung to my opinion.

A few weeks ago, though, we were tired and cranky and didn't want to take much trouble to get dinner. We drove by LFC and decided to try once more.

It was quite good. The chicken, I mean. The sides, except for the sweet potato (which was reallllly sweet but pretty good) were still pretty bad. The chicken was moist and the coating was crispy and spicy. Not at all like the first time.

So, in a rare show of maturity, I decided to eat crow and post this report. Well, actually, to eat chicken and post this report.

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  1. I agree, the chicken is good, the sides are awful. Good enough substitute (for the chicken) if I don't feel like driving to Nellie's or waiting for Southern Cafe.

    1. That is sort of funny, because about two weeks ago, after a day from hell, I stopped in just as they were closing, (after also swearing them off) and thought that the chicken was dry. The breading was spicy, but it was all coating and no chicken! (There was so little meat on my breast that I kept looking to make sure it wasn't a back!). OTOH, the greens were ok. (The dirty rice was inoffensive but bland; that and the greens were the only sides available by the time I got there)...

      So, I'd try it at least once more before eating crow. or not.

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        Susan, do you think the chicken might have been dry because you were there right before closing? I stopped by yesterday before lunch (around 11:30am) to pick up some chicken wings to go with the salad I brought from home. The wings very juicy and moist, but there was a huge batch of them so I'm guessing they had just been fried up. Just a thought. (And I didn't bother with any of the sides.)

        1. re: Cindy

          who knows, but the truth of the matter is that there was so little meat compared to coating on all of my pieces that I would have found it not good value even if it hadn't been dry! I literally have never seen such a meatless breast in my life. I suppose one could argue that this might mean it wasn't shot full of hormones or added water or whatever (?), but really this was ridiculous!

          Since I work very close by and have many more lunch options, the main value of this place is to pick up an easy meal after a hard work day before facing the drive back across the bridge. If I want delicious food at a sit down place this isn't it, (especially not with Luka's right across the street!). So bottom line: if they can't figure out a way to keep the chicken from being dry at around 7:45 p.m., forget it. No point, for me at least.

          and no, I didn't wait for that long drive to be over to eat the chicken; I ate it right after getting it. Yes, I confess, I have eaten fried chicken while driving...(though the rice and greens waited till I had parked, you will be glad to hear) :-)

      2. Funny. I just tried the branch in El Cerrito. My conclusions are virtually identical.

        The chicken is good. The sides are bad.

        To be more specific, the skin was perfectly golden, with an very good spice to it. I especially liked the lightness of the frying. The window advertises something like "We fry healthier, because we care." Well, I like the lighter fry for reasons of taste. The meat itself was moist.

        The fries were mealy and gross. The corn bread--described as "hot water corn bread"--was the same. I saw a cobbler being prepared that also looked disgusting.

        There is also fried catfish and red snapper on the menu, which looked pretty good, but I didn't try it.

        Here's hoping they figure out the sides, but I think this place has it where it counts.


        1. has anyone tried the outlets in sf? there's one on 6th at market and one on fillmore at geary. peace.