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Aug 16, 2006 06:53 PM

Restaurants near Cheverly?

My GF and I moved a few months ago to Cheverly, MD -- great little town, but not-so-great (as far as we can tell) for eating out. I noticed some Hounds talking about places in Little Mexico, and wondered if anyone could recommend any other places to eat (other than Franklin's) anywhere near Cheverly. Thanks!

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  1. I moved to Cheverly from the Hill about 3 years ago and agree there's a great opportunity for someone to open a good eats place. I likje the Italian Inn up on 450 across from Capitol Plaza. Unreconstructed 1960s vibe (I don't mean as in flower power) and menu. basic old-style Italian-american. Great deserts. El Tapatio up near Riverdale on 201 is good too.

    1. Fratelli's (in an old Howard Johnson's) at BW Pkwy and 202 serves pretty decent Italian, with a focus on seafood.

      The forementioned Italian Inn used to have pretty good pizza.

      1. Have you been to the Friendly Inn on Tuxedo road right there in Cheverly? It's good, but order carefully. Fresh fish is alsways a safe bet. Ask them what's good that day.

        Truthfully, there are not a lot of options - you may just need to zip 5 minutes up the B-W pkwy to College Park or Greenbelt.

        1. Hi Denise- My partner and I moved here a few months ago as well.

          Here is what we have found:

          Alamo Restaurant (5510 Kenilworth)- tastes like Texas to me. Awesome chips and salsa. Could have better margaritas.

          Fratellis - pretty darn good. Great service!

          Plato's Diner (College Park 7150 Baltimore Ave.) Suprisingly good Greek along with hearty panckaes and other diner food. Nice sausage actually.

          Franklin's (5123 Baltimore Ave.) some delicious some average, but average that satisfies that "I don't want to cook" feeling.

          Three Brothers Pizza (4521 Kenilworth Ave.)- I think the pizza is not so great, but the calzones are to die for.

          Yi-Jo (9137 Baltimore Blvd- close to Ikea) Korean located in a hotel. Delicious. Not as good as some, but satisfies the Korean urge quite well.

          1. Oh poop- You said "anything but Franklin's" - duh.