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Aug 16, 2006 06:33 PM

Old Montreal Restaurant Question

I am taking my mother to Montreal next month and she only eats chicken. She has never been to Montreal and is looking forward to the French cuisine. Hence, I am trying to find a French restaurant in Viex-Montreal with roast chicken, chicken breast, etc. option for dinner. I have looked at numerous menus and am not having any luck. Any suggestions?

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  1. To be honest, most decent restaurants in Montreal do not serve chicken as, to be fair, the quality of chicken in Quebec is nothing to write home about. So you've got quite the dilemma. Here are the best options I could think of:

    1)Try and convince her that she can eat something besides chicken. The best alternative would be guinea hen (which she may not be able to tell apart from chicken) at Club Chasse et Peche. It's often referred to as a chicken alternative so if she's even moderately open minded you should be good.

    2) I'd hate to say this, but, if you can't escape the Old Port, Restaurant Le Vieux Port and Modavi also serve chicken. However, I really don't want to send you to either of these places. The food just isn't that good but they're popular with tourists. I guess.

    3) If you can leave the Old Port your options really open up. Many of Montreal's excellent bistros serve chicken. L'Express on St. Denis, a short cab ride from the Old Port, is a quintessentially Monreal experience and serves chicken. Similarly, the intimate Au Bistro Gourmet serves the fowl ( Au petite extra ( does the chicken thing as well. I'd keep going but I think you get the point. Get out of the Old Port and into the bistros and a great meal featuring chicken is easy.

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      One French restaurant that has several chicken "mains" (four chicken mains plus two other fowl mains listed on their outside window)is L'Autre Saison at 2137 rue Crescent on a relatively quiet section of Crescent above de Maisonneuve. It is not in Old Montreal but it is a short cab ride. I haven't eaten there personally but a Montreal friend who eats out a lot, says it has good word of mouth. Can any other Chowhounders shed any additional light on this place?

    2. Guinea hen is amazing! You'd swear it was chicken from the look of it, but so much better tasting. Recommend it as well.
      I last had it with a whisky sauce at (French) Rest. Le Grain du Sel on St. Catherine East. 'Pintade' is the French name for guinea hen, in case that's useful.

      1. THanks so much for the thoughtful replies... Especially for the comment about Restaurant Le Vieux Port as I was considering this. Actually I was planning to show my husband their website as I am fairly certain we dined their six or so years ago and it was not very good. L'Express is indeed terrific; we dined their last Fall and it is on my list. We are staying 4 nights: 2 in Old M and 2 downtown. Casa de Mateo is on my list for Old M -- we both enjoy Mexican and I have heard great things about their food. Are either of you familiar with:

        1. Casa de Mateo isn't that special and the prices are quite steep for what it is. Maybe some people will recommend better options but I prefer La Hacienda in Outremont. Not amazing but much better for less money. Casa de Mateo's setting is great mind you.

          1. I agree about Casa de Mateo - ate their last March and am not particularly planning a trip back. When in Old Montreal, I take out of towners to the tired and true Chez L'Épicier. Not exactly old-school french, but unfailingly delicious and interesting.