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Aug 16, 2006 06:18 PM

laminate floors and heavy appliances

i'm in the planning phase of a kitchen/house remodel and i was wondering if laminate floors can effectively handle heavy appliances (i.e. stoves, dishwashers, refridgerators).

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  1. I would protect any surface when you are moving heavy items. But if you are just talking about standing there, I can't imagine you'd have a problem.

    1. I've had a laminate kitchen floor for 8 years. Never had a prob. with it at all. Very easy to care for, looks great and is much stronger than vinyl. I love it!

      1. That depends on what you mean by "handle". If you're talking about having the appliances sit on top of the laminate, that's probably a bad idea, as heavy things prevent the floor's natural expansion.

        Ditto with installing cabinets on top of laminate. Don't install cabinets that have a solid base frame on top of laminate. If you have cabinets where the bottom cabs stand on legs with plastic caps, like some european models,the plastic caps allow the floor to move a bit and you'll probably be OK installing them on top of the laminate.

        In my remodel, I'll be using plywood to raise my appliances and cabinets to the hight that the installed floor will be at. Then I'll install the floating floor, using the recommended expansion gap where the flooring and plywood meet. The joint will be covered by the toekick, so nobody will be able to see it. So that's an option.

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          Basically, i'm thinking of my heavy kitchen appliances (stove, refridgerator, dishwasher) and if they would "sink into" or leave an imprint/depression on the laminate. Nothing that you would see immediately (hopefully), but over time would their weight damage the floor?

        2. We were told by the our floor store not to use a laminate with heavy appliances. They said it would dent/pop. Probably a regular refrigerator or stove is OK. Our stove weighed over 400 pounds and they said no to laminate.

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            On our remodel, we had the laminate run to the stove, but not under the stove. I don't plan to move the stove so that wasn't a prob. I know lots of folks love ceramic etc. as a kitchen floor, but I find laminate much easier to clean and also much easier on the feet and back. If you use a good floor installer that has worked with laminate, he will know just what to do that is best for the floor re your appliances. Just talk to a professional.

          2. My washer and dryer sit on a laminate surface. With laminates something you really need to be cautious about is water. Shortly after having the laminate installed in my laundry and adjoining half bath the washer over flowed and ruined the floor. Laminates are floating floors and are glued together. The water got under the floor and softened the glue. I've not yet replaced it and it has not really lifted a lot but it certainly does not look as nice as it did.