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Hakata in Port Chester closes, another Peruvian opening in its place--ISO sushi

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Well Hakata, which I thought was pretty good for sushi, closed last week. A passerby said ANOTHER Peruvian place was going to open it its place. What's that like 10 Peruvian haunts now in PC?

Anyways, any suggestions for sushi? Is Edo just hibachi? I know some people go to the Rye Brook Waldbaum's but I was hoping for a sit down place. I know there are Greenwich and White Plains alternatives but I wanted to stay closer to PC for lunch.

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  1. I like Kira Sushi in Armonk.

    1. Hajime in Harrison.
      Koo in Rye.
      In White Plains on Mamaroneck Ave., (next to La Bottega hair salon and the Japanese grocery), there is a little hole in the wall sushi place which has been written about before on these boards. I think the chef used to work for Nobu and he imports his sushi from Japan. Expensive but awesome.

      1. yeah, there are a million peruvian places in PC... more like 15 or more. it is quite amazing that all stay in business as long as they do.

        sorry I don't know PC sushi places well. Just Greenwich, which you weren't interested in for these purposes. FWIW, when you do get up there, try Ku. Very good sushi.

        - Adam

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          just as a follow up, I noticed the "Acuario" spray painted on the Hakata awning. So it seems that the peruvian place isn't actually new - they are just taking Hakata's location...

        2. The Sushi place in White Plains directly to the right of the entrance for Nippon Daido is extremely traditional Japanese sushi. They are only open at nights (I think the hours are from 6-10pm) and have a $30 minimum per customer. I have not eaten there as of yet, (I was with a party of people who would not have been able to eat $30 worth of sushi per person) but it reminded me of some of the sushi bars that I had visited while in Tokyo.

          There are a couple of "sushi deli" type places around White Plains though. There's one in Hartsdale which is pretty good inbetween the Meidi-Ya and the Sake store.

          Tanto in Scarsdale is also another good sushi-deli. They also make a really good Ramen soup. I have not found many places in the tri-state area that can make a really good Ramen. (Even the Ramen place at Mitsuwa in Edgewater, NJ is a little bit lacking at times, even though they are probably the best you will find on the East coast).

          Can anyone reccomend any of the other Japanese places in the area? Azuma in Hartsdale has a pretty good reputation. Has anyone tried Noda or Tak'e in White Plains?

          1. Found some more info about the Sushi place next to Nippon Daido. It is called Nanase Sushi and its webpage is here: www.sushinanase.com . It seems as though I was wrong about their lunch schedule though. They are open for lunch starting at 12pm but only accept the first 20 customers.

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              Nanase had the best sushi I've had in Westchester. Very expensive, but wonderful. Much more interesting assortment of fish than Azuma in Hartsdale.

            2. On the subject of sushi delis, in Port Chester, at the end of Putnam Ave. where it meets Route 1, there is kind of a traffic triangle, and a Carvel and a quickie-market. In that same triangle there is a green grocer that also serves sushi, it has a funny sign that says something like "Grocery & Sushi". Has anyone tried that place?

              Nanase Sushi is truly awesome, you have to try it at least once. You'll learn how bad the sushi you have been eating up till now has really been! I still dream about the scallops they served.

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                I've seen that exact place. Grocery and Sushi just sounds odd... so I haven't been there. But who knows. Maybe the place really does sell fresh, good sushi... who knows.

                That whole little triangle area is funky.

              2. Somebody recommended Toyo Sushi in Mamaroneck to me although I haven't been yet. The chefs' names are Japanese so its not Chinese-run.

                1. I like Toyo Sushi on Mamaroneck Avenue. The fish is perfect--firm, fresh and carefully sliced--and the rolls are interesting and well composed. No cheap filler on the sushi paltters. Toyo is smallish, but stylish and informal. I've never had a bad meal, and lunch offers some great values. See http://www.toyosushi.com/ for a menu

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                    I like Toyo, too. I don't see it as a destination place, but it's a great local alternative.

                  2. Kira sushi in Greenwich is good...and I believe they deliver.

                    1. what do you guys think of seasons in white plains?

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                        Seasons is ok for a neighborhood joint. It's run by Chinese folks so it's not necessarily the most authentic Japanese place, but I agree with DimSumDiva's evaluation, that the rolls/ fusion style sushi can be fun and the hot entrees, while everyday, are decently prepared and large. The straight up nigiri and sashimi isn't the greatest though.

                        Whole Foods sushi is not bad as far as grocery sushi goes (which is usually inedible). The fish is fresh enough, although the rice is usually too cold.

                      2. I think it's a good standby, their special rolls are always interesting, their hot food is basic but good sized servings.

                        Another alternative for sushi to-go is D'Agastino's, they have a nice variety and the stuff is fresh. Whole Foods also has sushi which looks fresh. Both have brown rice sushi-- if you can stomach it.

                        Has anyone tried the sushi at Noda's in WP?

                        1. Looks like an Asian fusion place is opening in the new mall, next to Panera Bread (which is quite yummy for lunch, by the way)...could be any day...I'll report when it opens...