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For those that do not like Chocolate ... what's your dessert of choice?

I'm not a big chocolate fan, so I never zero in on the chocolate offerings on dessert menus.

I usually opt for a cobbler or some type of fruit cake or pie, or perhaps pudding/flan or a cheesecake of some sort.

Hardly ever order a tart, or anything made with puff pastry.


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  1. It's usually ice cream for me. Just one scoop of really good housemade ice cream.

    1. I like desserts with fruit, particularly citrus. I love fruit tarts or any kind of pastry - this is my biggest weakness.

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        Bread pudding. Butterscotch pot de creme. Almost anything with lemon or raspberries. And any housemade ice creams/sorbets etc.

        1. re: Ruth Lafler

          Ruth's list sounds good to me... :) I'm not a big sweets person at all actually, I would rather spent the calories on a cheese course... ;)


          1. re: Dommy

            *Gasp*... and here I thought we were long lost soul mates, Dommy! ;-)

            I am SO a chocolate person, but at one of my favorite restaurants the other day, I had a basil ice cream that was sooooo tasty... it really brought out the sweetness of the basil! Butterscotch pots de creme sounds fabulous to me too! I also eyed a coconut tart with macadamia nut crust the other day, but the bf wouldn't hear of it, so we went with a strawberry "tiramisu" that was pretty fabulous itself! Hhmmmm.... maybe I'm just a dessert person after all!

            1. re: Katie Nell

              LOL! Yeah, it surprises a lot of people, especially with the amount of baking that I do and the amount of Candy I helped develop as a consultant. But I always joke that is the reason why I survived 6 years in the candy business with my woredrobe intact... LOL!!

              Now, if I had been assigned to a salty snack company (Which I almost was), I would have been dead... LOL!!


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                Reply to Dommy!:

                Ooh... my dream job! You should do a post on "behind the scenes of a candy consultant!"

              2. re: Dommy

                Dommy, I'm with you on that one :-)

              3. re: Ruth Lafler

                Oh, I just remembered one: warm Meyer lemon pot de creme (recipe in the Fields of Greens cookbook). Simply heavenly.

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                  I think Ruth and I need to go to dinner; she can have the sorbets and I'll take the bread pudding!


                  1. re: Ruth Lafler

                    ditto, ditto and ditto. any of the above, as long as it has no bananas..... :-)

                    I like to share desserts, rather than have a whole one (though I can always handle my own ice cream). Unfortunately, hubby prefers chocolate desserts. Guess I need to have dinner with you more often, Ruth. :-)

                    1. re: susancinsf

                      Aw, you guys are sweet ... but not like chocolate. <vbg>

                      I should clarify that I love chocolate, I'm just not crazy about chocolate desserts -- they're either not very chocolatey, or they're too chocolatey: too rich/intense for after a meal.

                      Besides, I eat chocolate all the time, when I go to a restaurant for dessert, I want something different. Same with cheese plates, actually. I love interesting cheese, but with a great cheesemonger across the street from my house, I always have several varieties waiting for me at home.

                      Oh, and I forgot one other thing that catches my eye on a dessert menu: anything with ginger.

                      1. re: Ruth Lafler

                        Ooh, yes, especially crystallized ginger!

                2. Stopped eating chocolate years ago due to migraine problems from the caffiene. I'm not a big sweet eater, so it doesn't bother me much. Non-chocolate ice cream is the hardest to find since 99% of ice cream seems to be made with some kind of chocolate product and I'm a little bored with strawberry and vanilla.

                  Pies are always good, but my type of desert is a double IPA, barleywine, stout, imperial stout, or a big sweet belgian beer.

                  1. Tarte tatin or a cheese plate, but usually just a coffee or glass of port.

                    Chocolate aside, I don't have much of a sweet tooth anyway.

                    ETA: I know I'm contradicting myself, TT containing carmelized sugar and all, but there's something about the acidity of the apples and butter in the puff that "works" for my palate.

                    1. Fruit and pastry combinations -- this is a great time of year! I don't like ice cream much either, so I'll often have cheese or a dessert wine or port instead.

                      1. I usually go for anything creamy on the menu -- creme brulee, panna cotta, ice cream or gelato. If I were to order chocolate, it would be chocolate mousse or flowerless chocolate cake. Not a big fruit dessert person either, unless the pie/tart/cobbler is served with ice cream (think, apple pie with cinnamon ice cream), and then I'm all over it ;-)

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                          These type of desserts are my preference also. I like creamy. I adore a perfect key lime pie.

                        2. I LOVE chocolate, but sometimes a nice lemon tart really is a great finish to a meal. And creme brulee too!

                          1. I also don't like chocolate, but I will gravitate toward peach cobblers or any non-caramel apple tart dessert, particularly those with a soft pastry instead of something crunchy or flaky. My favorite, to date, was a sweet apple pastry-type dessert at World Cafe on Main in Santa Monica, on the border of Venice.

                            1. Panna Cotta. When it's done just right, not too sweet and not too firm, there is nothing better.

                              Otherwise, I'll usually go for a seasonal fruit tart, especially during Summer.

                              1. Green tea anything -- I always want to make the green tea cheesecakes in food magazines but I don't know anyone else who would eat it.
                                Rhubarb crumble tart -- I made an amazing one last year.
                                Anything with caramel or dulce de leche, especially French or British caramel ice cream.
                                Ditto coffee-flavored things -- I even like the coffee mousse and coffee creme caramel in the supermarket refrigerator case in France.
                                I'm not super into sweets, but I crave unusual flavors, so I'll usually go for anything with pomegranate, ginger, chile, tea, beer, lavander, etc. over chocolate, although I do like some combinations like chile chocolate.

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                                1. re: Chowpatty

                                  I had a green tea creme brulee about two weeks ago. I was not expecting very much, honestly, but it really surprised me. The custard was not overly sweet and the green tea gave it a very slightly astringent, bitter taste. Which sounds awful, I realise, but actually worked well. The custard itself was a pale olive color instead of the usual pale egg yellow. If I can coerce the recipe from the chef, I'll post it on here.

                                  1. re: Chowpatty

                                    If you make green tea cheesecake, I will definitely eat it ...

                                    1. re: Chowpatty

                                      I really relate to your list. I would just add a great lemon tart, strawberry shortcake and a fruit flan, when done well.
                                      If I had to choose between a great dessert and a great appetizer (szechuan green beans perhaps), the appetizer would win out most of the time (there are cyclical exceptions)
                                      I also enjoy baking, however, I usually try a little and then give the rest away to my eager friends/colleagues, etc.

                                      1. re: pescatarian

                                        Yes, I love lemon tart too. I know what you mean about the Szechuan green beans though -- that sounds good, but what I would really like instead of dessert is a nice piece of ....garlic bread! That's my weakness.
                                        And it's not that I don't LIKE chocolate. I like it just fine. But I hardly ever crave it, and usually something else on the dessert menu sounds much more interesting than the boring old flourless chocolate cake or chocolate terrine or whatever.

                                        1. re: Chowpatty

                                          when I crave my chocolate it has to be very rich and gooey and it helps if it is mixed with caramel

                                    2. I love working with chocolate. Absolutely adore it. Nothing makes me happier than making chocolate tarts, truffles or anything that allows me to mess with my favorite confection. But all of that aside, I can't stand most chocolates for eating. A taste here or there to make sure that I got the flavor profile right, but that's really it.

                                      For me, nothing beats a good fruit tart. Give me a flaky tart shell filled with pastry cream, fresh fruit sliced attractively on top and coated with an apricot glaze. That's MY idea of a fine dessert right there.

                                      1. I adore chocolate, will for forgo it for the following

                                        bread pudding
                                        lemon tart/pie

                                        1. I'm not very fond of chocolate, either. I'll go for anything like warm bread pudding with caramel sauce, or anything involving caramels, pecans, etc. is OK with me. Apple, lemon, blueberry cakes, tarts, pies. Love desserts like Indian Pudding, Grapenut Pudding, etc.

                                          1. I am married to, and the mother of MAJOR chocaholics. Almost all the baking I do is for them, since I don't have a strong sweet tooth. I can easily turn down any chocolate desserts, candies, etc., but am a sucker for anything with vanilla/cinnamon/raisins. Rugelach, bread pudding, let me at 'em. Fruit desserts, especially things in season, and particularly plums and peaches also grab my attention. My family treats me as if I have an unfortunate handicap.

                                            1. I'm always on the search for the perfect creme brulee. It's become a joke with my husband and I, both of us are obsessed with this and are always critiquing them.

                                              I'm a sucker for most deserts which are creme based, and heavy on vanilla. Flan, panna cottas, tapioca, rice pudding, etc. Add in a bit of raspberry and I'm quite happy. Occassionally ice cream or sorbet if the flavor is something really out of the ordinary.

                                              Or, a cheese course. Yum yum yum!

                                              It's very easy for me to pass up the chocolate as far as desert is concerned. I don't ususally enjoy having large portions of it - I can easily be satisfied by one small perfect piece.

                                              1. People that don't like chocolate are crazy. I do like creme brulee and cheesecake though....something dense to replace the punch of chocolate.

                                                1. If no chocolate, then some type of flamb├ęd dish, like bananas foster, or the one with strawberries. And if it's there, bread pudding.


                                                  1. It is funny, I really am not a dessert person. I can usually take it or leave it. I do love chocolate and the darker the better but like almosr anything that has been mentioned above. What I am not crazy about is cake, any kind of cake. Give me pie instead of cake.

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                                                      Ooh yes, cake is yucky! I don't really get the whole cupcake thing, even though I once did a tasting of nearly every cupcake place in town. And I only eat really good homemade cookies, I hate bad cookies. Cake is one of the few things on the office treat table I can pass up, along with bad muffins.

                                                      1. re: Chowpatty

                                                        This sounds like it's turning into a discussion of what my sister calls "the hierarchy of sweets": for example, I like pie better than ice cream, ice cream better than cake, cake better than doughnuts, etc.

                                                    2. Nyonah kueh -- an amazing repeitoire of little treats made with tapioca, yucca, glutinous rice, coconut in various guises, pandan leave, palm sugar etc.....

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                                                        here's are some pictures (from a fairly decent chain in Singapore, not the best, but the independents don't have websites),


                                                      2. I'm not a big chocolate person either. About the only chocolate I find irisistable usually has either almonds or cherries in it, and is definitely dark....and high quality.

                                                        If there is a choice of a fruit or a chocolate desert, I always go for the fruit (unless, of course, there are bananas in there somewhere). My favorite is anything mango. I think my all time favorite desert is the mango/coconut/sticky rice thing at LOS in Vegas. This also has my second favorite desert flavor: coconut. I'm also very fond of key lime pie.......

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                                                          Now that you mention it, the LOS sticky rice and mango might be MY favorite dessert of all time too. The only thing better is the dessert sampler they convinced us to order, with sublime taro pudding.

                                                        2. I generally don't eat sweets at all and I could care less for chocolate (but watch me wipe out a pepperoni pizza). But on the very rare occasion I want something sweet for a dessert I choose a canoli.

                                                          1. Once after a heavy meal of vast quantities of meat, I thought I couldn't squeeze in a mouthful of water, let alone a dessert. Then they wheeled the dessert cart in front of me and I experienced temporary insanity. I picked a passionfruit mousse. It was great - tart, light and refreshing, and I ate the whole thing.

                                                            Continuing the passionfruit theme, a favorite dessert experience was a pavlova served at JoJo, a restaurant in NYC. It was a fragile white ball of meringue jeweled with glistening crimson pomegranete seeds and filled with passionfruit mousse. When I first tasted it, there was a battle of flavors and textures in my mouth; cloying sweet versus sour, crisp versus smooth. It all melted into a gentle tang on my tongue and I was in bliss.

                                                            I also love coconut cream pie, yellow layer cakes with fruit fillings, peach cobbler, strawberries with cream and a variety of Asian desserts such as ice cream with red bean paste (ogura) or mochi stuffed with sesame paste. Sometimes some slices of Asian pear or apples with a little sprinkle of salt is nice too. The Japanese say that for desserts, one has a "betsu-bara" or separate stomach. I've proven this true time and time again!

                                                            1. "I'm not super into sweets, but I crave unusual flavors, so I'll usually go for anything with pomegranate, ginger, chile, tea, beer, lavander, etc. over chocolate, although I do like some combinations like chile chocolate." i am in complete agreement with chowpatty about this.

                                                              chocolate desserts can just be too rich for me. i like a fresh, clean flavour to cut the sweetness of a dessert as opposed to chocolates cloying tendencies.

                                                              im also a big fan of a well done rice pudding. we have a really good ginger creme brulee at the restaurant i work at. very good. bread pudding is a big favourite of mine as well. lemon poundcake or any fruit poundcake can win my heart. ohhh man and that lavender black pepper cake at aziza(sf)? yum. icecream is something i always have room for. so is champagne.

                                                              1. I usually don't care for dessert, but if I'm at a decent restaurant that serves alcohol, I'll go with a nice after dinner drink, especially if there's something unusal on the drink menu.

                                                                1. I like a good lemon tart or a key lime pie , other than that , bacon , or steak , more of both . Or Irish whiskey .