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Aug 16, 2006 06:06 PM


So after reading all of the fuss around here my dh and I finally tried Lark for my birthday. We went on a weeknight at 7 pm and were pleased to be seated right away.

They were out of the octopus so we tried a prawn special. Also ordered the rosti potatoes, braised pork, and the pancetta. The food, while reasonably tasty was tiny portions and we were still hungry after 4 dishes. We had three cheeses which do not include crackers or dried fruit, just the cheese for $11. They were ok. We had an unmemorably dessert of liquor soaked spongetype cake with sorbet and berries. They brought complimentary dessert wine with it since it was a special occasion.

It wasn't terrible, but considering the bill was over $100 for the two of us without alcohol it was disappointing. None of the food really wowed me either. I've tried it, no need to go back or recommend it to others.

Next time I think we'll just go back to Mistral.

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  1. Thanks for the review. I've stayed away from Lark as I've heard similar reviews. Will continue to keep my distance.

    1. Lark is so pretty but it just doesn't perform.

      I'd avoid licorous for the same reasons. Small portions, expensive, but more unforgivably: underwhelming. Sure, there are high points, but I think too often 'the love' just doesn't come through.

      go to sitka and spruce, harvest vine, zoe, mistral instead

      1. I really wanted to love Lark and there are some very tasty offerings...the razor clam chowder comes to mind (I'm not sure if its still on the menu as its been over a year since I've last dined there) BUT you definitely don't get much bang for your buck. One should not come out feeling unsatisfied after spending as much as one does at Lark. I have no desire to try Licorous either. I had another awesome meal at Mistral this week though...although the ambiance was diminished by a VERY loud 10 person+ group.

        1. Wow, I'm sorry to hear you had a bad experience at Lark. I was there a few weeks ago with two friends and we all loved it. No argument from me about the prawn special: it was pretty boring and I wished I had ordered the lobster pasta special instead. But I can honestly say that was the only "miss" of the evening. We also tried the tuna carpaccio, which was very good, and the marbled salmon, which was superb. I enjoyed the mozzarella dish on the vegetable/grains menu; it was creamy and mild, and quite tasty alongside the crunchy brioche crouton. The three of us agreed the cucumbers were just the right balance of great flavor and a new twist on a simple preparation. The rhubarb cobbler was also excellent.

          On a Sunday night we had no wait, attentive service, and nice spacing of plates. All in all, it was a lovely evening. I'd definitely go back -- if for nothing else, then to order the salmon again!

          On the pricing issue, three of us ordered 7 small plates to share and two desserts. With two drinking wine and coffee, each paid about $50 including tax and tip. I don't think that's particularly pricey considering the quality of the food and that we had the equivalent of three courses with alcohol.

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            Our experience at Lark was delightful! Lovely service, 5 minute wait for a table on a warm Saturday night at 7pm.

            My daughter's favorites were the fresh mozzarella appetizer, the chilled yellow taxi tomato and herb soup, and the roasted quail. My favorites were the farro dish (incredible) and the grilled salmon. We were both too full to really enjoy the wonderful pork bellies - next time we will try to pare our order down to 5 dishes instead of 6, but our eyes were huge and our imaginations racing when we saw the items on that night's menu - we couldn't restrain ourselves. Fresh rhubarb cobbler and panna cotta desserts were comped due to a very easy and painless early table move - we tried to talk them out of comping the desserts, but they wouldn't hear of it. We drank wine with our meal, and with tax and a generous tip reflecting the fine service, our bill came to $130 for the two of us. It was a special night out - no disappointments except it was a tad warm (we went the week it was blistering hot in Seattle.)

          2. The small plate phenomenon that Lark exemplifies should die a quick death. We are all getting tired of paying a lot for small amounts of food and leaving hungry. No one wants one bite of a delicacy and be charged a fortune. Yes, the food can be good at Lark, but PLEASE give us our money's worth. Restaurant reviews need to pay attention to the prices and quantities, not just the ingredients and preparation. If a dish is well made, I want to eat a reasonable amount of it.