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Aug 16, 2006 06:01 PM

RW at Sage

Anyone been to Sage this RW? We have reservations tomorrow night and are trying to figure out if the cost of a sitter will be worth it.


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  1. Judging by our experience last year, I'd say definitely worth it.

    Link to last year's RW at Sage:

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      Wow. Nice digging up the old review! That was a fun night!

    2. The original comment has been removed
      1. I'll bet Sage gets at least 20 calls (or people cruising opentable) for that spot if gilliano cancels the reservation by tonight (or likely even tomorrow). Or a walk-in will take it. It's not like they have that many tables.

        1. re: Dax

          Taranta did an interesting thing on OpenTable this year -- took a credit card to hold the reservation but stated you'd be charged $25/head for a no-show (unless you changed the reso by tonight for Friday). Certainly made me follow up with my dining companions to confirm....

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            48 Hours Advance notice seems a lot, even for Restaurant Week. Maybe it's because of the size of your party?

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              Funny you say that. I had a call Tuesday night from Grotto saying that they require a cc to hold teh reservation since it was Restaurant Week. I'd be charged if I didn't show up or cancel (didn't specify a time). When I called back to confirm, the hostess, who sounded like the woman on my voicemail, just took my name and time and said "see you here". Didn't mention anything about a cc again.

              I guess a lot of people just book as many places as possible and then figure out where they want to go once menus are posted or whatnot. I know people who do this and it doesn't seem fair to the restaurant or the people trying to secure a reservation they intend to keep. Probably a good move on the restaurant's part.

        2. Number 9 park did the same thing! They said that they would charge my card for each person in my reservation if I didn't show.

          1. Just got back from RW dinner there about 30 minutes ago. Very good. Small portions, but I was still full at the end of the meal. Started with the Calimari with beans. The Calimari was cooked perfectly and the beans were very nice in a slightly spicy tomato broth. My DH had the risotto which was very nice, if not quite as good as usual. My entree was a single large cannelonni (sp) filled with a tasty beef bolognese topped with a parm/butter sauce. It looked small but filled me up. The DH has the skirt steak with panzanella salad which was very tasty as well. We both had the corn fritters for dessert, and they were the real show stopper of the night.

            I recommend Sage for RW, but I recommend it more the rest of the time.

            1. We ate there tonight as well, and had almost the same meals! We've never been to Sage before, but there's no doubt that we'll be back. DH had the calamari, which was indeed cooked perfectly - it had a bite to it, but also an incredible satiny texture. I had the risotto, which was lovely but distractingly salty.

              We both had the skirt steak on panzanella salad, which was delicious. They're offering a number of side dishes for an additional $5 each - we chose succotash vegetables (corn with English peas, carrots, pea tendrils, diced red bell pepper, and a couple of baby green beans, all in their own broth) and a potato puree that DH thought had buttermilk in it - both excellent, especially the corn in the succotash, which was an old-school yellow corn with a really strong flavor.

              DH was especially struck by the simplicity and straightforwardness of each dish. I was struck by how wonderful each course smelled! Every time a dish was set down in front of me, its fragrance just jumped out and made me want to dig in, especially (and slightly unexpectedly) the panzanella salad underneath the half-dozen slices of perfectly cooked skirt steak.

              We both finished with the corn fritters with vanilla ice cream and a scattering of blueberries, which were just sublime. The fritters were wonderfully crisp on the outside (even the last of the four!) and tender on the inside, sweet and set off beautifully by the perfect vanilla ice cream and the blueberries. All in all, a lovely evening out.

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                Just to follow up on this myself, what I was saying to Allstonian is that Sage is one of the least pretentious restaurants in its style that I have ever seen. There were no showy ingredients, fussy preparations or distracting adornments. Yet at the same time, the dishes never go too far in the opposite direction and say "Look! See how rustic and plain! This is hearty peasant fare, by god! Gaze in wonderment at how very unpretentious we are!" This, to me, is just as irritating as the usual tall-food-set-on-a-Jackson-Pollack garbage.

                Sage offers best-quality ingredients, prepared simply but with obvious care and skill, in a room that for all its smallness is not claustrophobic in the least. Big ups to the staff as well: because we were both having grilled beef, I chose a half of the lambrusco off the wine list, for a good simple accompaniment. Our waitress said "You've had lambrusco before, right?" When I assented, she said "Okay, good, because a lot of people order it and then get freaked out because it's not what they expected." (Incidentally, it's an excellent lambrusco: very young, slightly fizzy, but not at all sweet, and a dead-on accompaniment to the skirt steak. Imagine a deep red Italian version of vinho verde and you're most of the way there.)

                Of course, not enough can be said about the corn fritters.

                However, the two young women sitting next to us were having the pastas, and the woman who ordered the canneloni also had a side of the Tuscan meatballs, which I had been glancing longingly at on the menu even though they just didn't go with the rest of the meal. It was all I could do not to create a diversion long enough to snatch one of the meatballs off the dish.