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Aug 16, 2006 05:59 PM

Anyplace new, good in the Rockaways?

Looking for an alternative to Kennedy's/Snug Harbor/The Wharf/Harbor Light. Vegetarian- and kid-friendly a huge plus, but probably unrealistic.

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  1. After years of ChowHound posts, this may be virgin territory!

    The only Rockaways phenomena I know of are the string of fastfood joints and a diner on Beach Channel Drive near Beach 113th Street and on B. 116th near the SUBWAY.

    I'd suspect there might be one or two little-known Caribbean and/or Orthodox Jewish places down in Far Rock (the low numbers) given the demos. Time to explore and since the Rockaways are self-contained it wouldn't take much effort.

    Perhaps someone knows if any of the taverns serve good chow.

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    1. re: Mike R.

      That and numerous variety stores selling beach junk. There used to be a pretty ok chinese buffet on 116th street and now it's a junk store :( By the beach, there was this bar/seafood open air sit-down place, and it's a condo now. They've built so many apartments and condos in the area in place of rundown shacks, but the service has decreased. Maybe the rent went up?

      I have not been to Rockaways this summer yet, but there was a Polish grocery store/deli on the main blvd. near 116th. They had nice homemade pastries there last summer.

    2. There are good snacks around, like Ciro's bakery on 129th street makes amazing biscotti. But for sit-down restaurants, I'm left scratching my head.

      1. After the beach I always go to a place called "The Wharf".
        It's at the end of 116 st on Jamaica Bay, It's hard to find from the street as it's behind the gas station. A lot of people pull up by boat. Nice bar and restaurant, simple food,tabels out on the deck and great views of the bay and the city skyline on a clear day.
        Worth going to just for the view. Also visit the new park on the left dedicated to the Firefighters that died on 911

        1. OOPs sorry I didn't read the top, you already know the place, my apologies.