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best eggs benny

I'm looking for the best eggs benny, preferably in the king west, queen west area.

I have tried sugar - thought it was tasty, but the hollandaise was a little lacking in punch and it wasn't very noticeable. Easy has a decent eggs benny as well, but I am looking for something new. I've always enjoyed the benny at Epicure Cafe up until last Sunday for my Birthday brunch. It was probably just an off day, but the eggs were cooked solid, and a confrontation occurred when I didn't get the half and half (Epicure's famous, half salad, half home/regular fries) I ordered.

Never been to Mitzi's. Comments? Heard good things about le Petit Dejeneur. Good benny? Other recs?

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  1. The Pantry - Queen West is decent. Mimosa Cafe at Y&E. Brassaii on King West. www.mishsplayground.com

    1. Musa on Dundas West @ Euclid has a really good version of eggs benny with the hollandaise baked on - and their cajun homefries are tasty...

      1. It's a chain, but I really like Milestone's

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          Was just about to mention them. They're good.

          Not exactly eggs benedict, but the poached eggs on the chicken and roasted corn hash is taaaaasty.

        2. Niagara Street Cafe is my favourite and Thuet's is good too. We had a good brunch at Petit Dejeuner too but didn't try the benny.

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            Never tried Thuet but frequently go to Easy, Niagara St Cafe, and Sugar. If you find Sugar's hollandaise mild I think you'll love Niagara Street Cafe's benedict. It's very potent with a surge of lemon juice, some herb visibly mixed in and set on a biscuit they bake themselves. It's the best I've been able to find in TO so far.

          2. I agree re Milestones! I love their Eggs Milestones... Eggs Benedict, minus the ham, with sliced plum tomatoes and guacamole! And homefries with more salsa are really great! It's a chain but it has the best breakfasts around.

            1. Barrio on Queen Street East. They do a couple of versions but their Neptune is my fave - it's crab and green onion instead of ham and not crab salad just lovely leg meat mixed with fresh green onions so delicious! I've also heard the classic ham version is great, the friend who was telling me about it thought it wasn't regular ham but something else as it was very buttery and melt in their mouth but they didn't ask.


              1. Had an amazing Benny variant at Amazing Grace - instead of the English muffin it had a delicious, crunchy outside/chewy inside rice cake. Yum. Not sure if this is a regular menu item or not since I only went the one time, but I will be back in search of it whenever I next get to the neighb.

                1. Very goods eggs benny at the Drake Hotel. Changed their chef about six months ago and the breakfast (inside, not the cafe) is much improved..If you have the cash, brunch at Thuet is worth it.

                  1. I like the eggs benny at the Old York Tavern on Niagara (I think) south of King -- will drive in from Hamilton to have them, actually, so that should say something.

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                      Perfect.... I'm a stones throw (or maybe a few throws) away from Old York.

                      Thanks all!

                    2. I had some very good eggs benny at 3's Company on Danforth just east of Greenwood. Instead of an English muffin, they use a nice cheese scone---nice! The place is cramped to say the least, but the service was friendly. Good coffee as well.


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                        does 3's company have a website or a menu online at all?

                      2. I've had the eggs florentine at Le Petit Dejeuner, and it was quite good, though I wasn't a huge fan of the place. My usual standby for eggs florentine/benedict is Daybreak at Church & Carlton. Nothing gourmet, but a good neighbourhood diner with great food.

                        1. Chapter 11 at 557 Parliament north of Winchester has an absolutely delicious hollandaise sauce. I take my eggs very soft poached and expect to get something similar, but not bang on. Mine were perfect.

                          In addition to Eggs Benedict and it's usual variations they make a thing called Eggs Corruption which is a fusion of the many Benny styles. You wouldn't think it would work, but guessing it was a house creation (it is) I tried it. Did I mention delicious?

                          The decor could use a lot of work, but it's a young couple starting up a new business so, hey, they're likely to continuously reinvest 'til they get it the way they want it. You can always sit on the back patio for the summer brunch feeling.

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                            do they serve dinner/lunch here? If so, is it any good? any recommendations?

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                              They're open for lunch & dinner, but I haven't tried it yet. It's generally pub food with some interesting twists on the menu. I'd say from our experience there it would be worth checking out.

                          2. Eggs Benny at Kultura (King St E/Jarvis) for weekend brunch is delicious, as is the rest of their brunch menu.

                            1. I forgot to mention if you're interested in something different Swan on Queen and Strachan has an eggs benedict with smoked fish. Nice crisp english muffin and just a little different. The retro room is fun and cosy but small.

                              Niagara Street Cafe at Wellington and Niagara though is probably one of the best places for the conventional benedict short of sugar.