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Aug 16, 2006 05:46 PM

Eating along the Great Ocean Road

I am planning a trip in late November to drive from Port Fairey to Melbourne along the Great Ocean RoadHaving done a little research, the restaurants that look most promising include:

- Portofino on Bank in Port Fairey
- Pippies by the Bay in Warrbambool
- Reifs in Lorne

Are these worth stopping by or are there others which I should be thinking about?

Many thanks


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  1. They all rate a mention in the good food guide, and one of them gets a chefs hat, so I am sure they will all be good.
    You should make the most of the restaurants in melbourne, also though, as there are fantastic ones, and the value compared with overseas, is excellent.

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      We ate at "La Bimba" in Apollo Bay. It was the best meal I had in Australia. We ordered different items from kangaroo to lamb to beef and pasta. No complaints from the table. As a matter of fact, we kept comparing the rest of our meals to this one. Who would have thought that this small upstairs restaurant would have this calibre of food. Try it quick before the chef moves onto other unknown areas of Australia.

      1. re: kemanche

        from what i remember La Bimba is prob best for a breezy lunch/brunch - pancakes were nice, but nothing to write home about. coffee is prob too weak for melb cityfolk.

    2. The 2007 Good Food Guide launched August 28 lists the following along the Great Ocean Road. If no mark, then considered slightly inferior.
      Dublin House Inn 14/20
      Portofino on Bank 16/20, 2 Hats, a very high rating. 'Modern Mediterranean'.
      Simply Seafood
      The Stag Inn 14/20
      Time & Tide
      Nonna Casalinga
      Pippies by the Bay 14/20
      Chris's Beacon Point
      La Bimba
      ba ba Lu
      The Lorne Oven House
      A la Grecque 14/20

      Please let me know if you would like more information, either in this area or elsewhere in Victoria. Where are you staying in Melbourne?

      1. Just drove the Great Ocean Rd. We did it in one day (starting and ending in Melbourne) and it took 12 hours! But that was all the time we had, and it was worth it!

        We had lunch at Rief, which is along the main road in Lorne (you can't miss it). We had two lamb wraps and they were awesome. Homemade roti and delicious lamb - yum. We got them take out and sat at the beach while we ate...it was perfect. Enjoy!

        1. Not so much pippies, should really look at logans restaurant (fantastic) cater for everyone and fantastic food. Other places would be beach babylon or donnellys all on liebig st.