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Aug 16, 2006 05:41 PM

39th and 8th ave - I need a new spot to eat

Seriously, this might be the worst spot to find food in NYC.
I have had the chinese on 38th for $3.75, great, but not everyday.
The market cafe is OK, but I need something on a daily basis.
Any recommendations other than moving the office?

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  1. There should be a slew of spots by you. I can't give you names from the top of my head but check out the area by the Port Authority on 8th Avenue and/or go to 9th Avenue as well. Hell, if you want free food (but not drinks) go to Rudy's bar on W. 43rd and 9th Ave. They give you free Oscar Myers with your drinks.

    1. I have had some great meals at Osteria Gelsi, on the corner of 38th & 9th. Seafood oriented Italian. I have had dinner there but not lunch.

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        Have you been to Osteria Gelsi recently? The first time we were there was about 2-3 years ago and it was terrific. We were back in 2006 and had small overpriced portions of mediocre food. Not planning on going back there.

      2. I think moving is your best bet, sorry! :)

        During my stint in that area, I was sort of fond of the falafel and salads at Kosher Delight (1359 Broadway), the soups & the Special Tuna at Another Good Location (1372 Broadway), and Chopstick's House (better Chinese and not terrible sushi on 36th between 7th and Broadway).

        You do have things a little better because you're closer to 9th Ave than I was. If you have the time and inclination, that's really the place to go for variety. There's only so many pay-per-item salads one can handle...

        Good luck!

        1. kashmir 9, east side of 9th ave between 36th & 37th. oh but they changed the name, maybe to be less inflammatory among their cabbie clientele, it's just called pakistani restaurant now. I've had many great and cheap lunches there, just check out the bins and tell the guy which things you want + how much of each, they'll totally customize your meal.

          be sure to ask what you're getting if you have special dietary requirements [such as no lamb brains], those looked mighty fine to me until they were identified - Liz

          1. You've also got Burgers & Cupcakes right there, not to mention Sandwich Planet. Those two alone would keep me busy for a few weeks.



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              Second Sandwich Planet, with enthusiasm. You really can't go wrong with anything on the sprawling menu, but I particularly love the Lollabrigida (bresola, goat cheese, truffle oil--I like it on their Stirato), as well as anything with bacon and/or avocado. Their mustard is especially divine, and you'd never know it based on the generic, cheap opaque bottles on the tables. Also, they're one of the few edible Seamless Web spots in the 'hood.