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Aug 16, 2006 05:33 PM

which champagne glass to buy?

I'd like to buy a nice set of champagne glasses as an engagement present for a friend. The couple are beginning to develop their palate for wine and have started stocking up on Riedel glasses. Should I purchase Riedel flutes, or is it ok to buy something from Waterford, Lenox, Mikasa, etc? I wasn't sure if nice champagne glasses have similar requirements as nice wine glasses (ie, the material used, no etchings in the glass, etc)

Thanks for any insight.

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  1. It is your gift to them and the choice is yours to make. Brand really makes no difference and lovely champange flutes no matter who they are made by are a nice gift. If if were my choice I'd fo for Lalique Ange champanges. OMG are those things gorgeous!

    I want to amend my suggestion. I love good champange and prefer a tulip shape to a flute and the Lalique Ange are certainly a tulip shaped. What I do not like is a flute that is hollow all of the way down to the foot. Your hands warm the stem and warm the wine. It looks really pretty to see the bubbles coming up from the foot but it is not functional.

    Check out both the Bacccarat Dom Perignon or the Lalique Ange glasses on E-Bay, you may be able to save a bundle on some gorgeous glasses. I really would not turn either down.

    1. I feel champagne flutes should have the same characteristics of other wine glasses - clear, thin crystal with no markings. The nicest flutes I ever had the pleasure to use were the Dom Perignon model from Baccarat. Very simple and elegant, these were unquestionably very high quality. It was made so that it did not detract from what was poured into the glass.

      1. agree with monkuboy--flutes should be clear, thin with no cuts or marking. I want there to be no distractions from admiring the champagne's color, bubbles, etc.


          Use this link to see the most beautiful glass that Riedel makes IMHO.

          It is the Sparkling Wine glass 4400/88 in the Sommeliers collection. .

          I know that they aren't traditional flutes or tulip-shaped glasses, but they are designed for Cava and other sparkling wines which most people drink more often anyway. Besides, they are so stylish, sexy and rare!

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            That's a nice looking stem, at least of what I can see. I love it when vendors put a tiny little picture on their site with a link to enlarge it, and the enlarged picture is about 2% bigger than the original but has a huge frame around it. Anyway, it is unusual but also classy looking. Nice choice!

          2. "is it ok to buy something from Waterford, Lenox, Mikasa, etc"

            Why wouldn't it be?

            Regardless of what wine aficionados (and I am one) will say, most people are not wine aficionados and to them a cut or an etched flute will not interfere with their pleasure. Nor will (gasp) a contrasting color stem.

            If your intended recipients already own exclusively Riedel wine stems, they've been suckered already and will want Riedel. If not, buy a good quality flute in whatever style you think they will most appreciate.

            On review I read that your friends are already stocking up on Riedel. Riedel owers are often very chauvinistic about their stems. Go Riedel for them.

            Too often we seek to impose our own sensibilities or prejudices on those to whom we are giving a gift. Really, there is nothing that demands that the giver should enjoy giving as much as the recipient enjoys receiving.