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Aug 16, 2006 05:25 PM

Non-RW in the North End?

Dear Hounds, I need your help. We have friends visiting this weekend originally interested in Taranta and were unaware of Restaurant Week. We are looking for a good meal not constrained by restauarnt week menus and hopefully where we can get a reservation on a saturday night. Are there any chowish places in the Noth End (or elsewhere) that meet these criteria. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Prezza is consistently good and if I am correct, they are not doing restaurant week.

    1. A friend of mine just asked for non-RW ideas for this weekend, I suggested Mare or Bricco (pricey), of course Prezza, and for casual - North Street Grille.

      1. There's a new place on Salem Street called La Galleria 33 that has blown me away (I've dined there four times now). A little pricey, but certainly worth it.

        1. Most places participating in RW do not do RW menus over the weekend. You should check, but you may be perfectly OK with your original choice.

          1. Thanks for all the replies. I'm leaving it in the hands of others attending the dinner who are local and hence should know what's what and hopefully already made a reservation. If not, Galleria 33, Prezza and Bricco are my chowhound approved backups.