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Aug 16, 2006 05:06 PM

Tasty but Healthy - VP and Eglinton Area

Hi All,

I work in the Victoria Park and Eglinton area, and have been eating all kinds of fattening food in the area for years - burgers, chinese/hakka, etc.

Can anyone recommend somewhat healthy, tasty options within a 3km radius?

Thanks :)

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  1. Try Armenian Kitchen on Vic Park just north of Eglinton.
    Healthy & Yummy

    1. I think pho is fairly healthy. Try Pho Saigon at Warden and Eglington.

      1. Fortunately there have been a couple of recent additions to the area near you. The strip along O'Connor from St. Clair to Victoria Park has been pretty bleak until now -- mostly franchises (Harvey's, Swiss Chalet, KFC, ugh). Recently opened and worth checking out:
        Angelo's Hot Table 20 Bermondsey Rd. (just west of O'Connor) offers veal, meatball or hot Italian sausage sandwiches with peppers, mushrooms and onions. I like the sausage version. They also serve a pasta of the day and have some very tasty salads. The sandwich or pasta cost $5, taxes included. It's basically a take out operation, open 10 to 5. Open since February, they seem to have done quite well by drawing in a lot of customers from the industrial park where ther aren't a lot of options, but also from the trucks that use that road.

        Restaurant #27 on O'Connor and Gardens (just north of St. Clair near the Home Depot). I have no idea as to what inspired (best word?) the name. The flyers circulated to promote the place, a former Pizza Pizza location, may not have helped a lot either (lasagne and mashed potatoes -- what?). But they have good stuff available. Aside from the all day breakfast, they do their own hand cut fries (I realize this is not on the "healthy" side of the question but they are pretty good and done to order). Also worth trying -- quesadillas with chicken and grilled vegetables or their Greek salad. I have been impressed with the quality of their produce. It is really good, fresh stuff.

        Both of these places seem to have clean kitchens and people who are enthusiastic about making good food.

        Also notable: Marvellous Edibles 2781 St. Clair E. (between O'Connor and Vic Park). I haven't been but it is consistently recommended and has an interesting menu.

        Finally, the Sunrise Diner on O'Connor across from the Swiss Chalet. Just opened on August 7. Again, I haven't been but seems to be offering a mix of things, pork souvlaki, etc.