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Aug 16, 2006 05:01 PM

Looking for Merguez

Looking for a source for Merguez sausages (lamb) around Bedford.

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  1. When I lived in Lexington there was a Halal market on Cambridge St in Burlington, but I think it is long gone. The Concord Cheese market carries D’Artagnan which makes merguez sausages so maybe they could order them if they don't have them... and an even smaller chance that L'alouette in Lexington might have them in the freezer (I doubt it).

    If not, you might need to come into town. There is a market in Allston with Halal meat (Cheema), along with Blackstone in the City.

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      This may be a dumb question, but are merguez sausages only sold at Halal markets?

      1. re: cheryl_h

        Its sold other places, perhaps even at Whole Foods (although I haven't seen it). The former Halal Market in Cambridge made it fresh and a morrocan friend I think bought it at Blackstone (not 100%, but he shopped there). I am actually on a sausage making kick this summer, so its on my list.

      2. re: itaunas

        Tried the Cheese Shop in Concord, none. L'Alouette was my normal source for merguez but they are under new management (and have a new name) and right now are out of merguez. I wanted the merguez for Friday, maybe I'll have to change my planned menu. I may take a quick cruise along Cambridge St and see what I can see. Thanks.

      3. I can't help outside the city but if you are coming in to Boston, you could call the Butcher Shop. They are listed on their site and I know that I've bought them there in the past.

        If that fails call Ana at Oleana. She'll know where to buy them.

        PHONE/FAX (617) 661.0505 · (617) 661.3336

        KEY STAFF Executive Chef/Owner Ana Sortun

        1. Not in Bedford but Formaggio Kitchen (Huron Ave, Cambridge) sometimes has housemade merguez and John Dewars (Newton Center) has D'Artagnan merguez almost always. If you find a source in/near Bedford, please post it!!

          1. Don't know about Bedford, but there are two Halal butchers on Blackstone Street in Boston that make Merguez sausages. That's the street where they have the Haymarket on Fridays-Sundays.