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Aug 16, 2006 04:42 PM

Maine Vacation next week - Camden and MDI

nyc hounds vacationing in maine next week.

1st stop is camden - dinner lined up for sat nite at natalies. considering Atlantica, Hartstone Inn for sunday - would welcome any thoughts or suggestions etc.

On to MDI next - Jordan Pond House and a couple of Thurstons trips for sure. I need 1 fantastic dining experience for dinner in the area. Also, any other casual experiences. FYI we're staying at the Asticou.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. There is a restaurant called Primo in Rockland (not far from Camden) that is a must.

    The Left Bank in Blue Hill, good live music, coffee shop, cafe.

    1. Natalie's at the Mill in Camden is good but I think Francine's is better. Natalie's tries very hard to create an elegant, upscale atmosphere (and largely succeeds) but Francine's is more intimate, casual, and comfortable. And the food at Francine's, I think, is better--a bit less traditional, a bit more innovative. It's a much smaller space (maybe 30 diners at any one time?) and they seem less concerned with making a dramatic impression. Don't get me wrong--you'll have a great meal at Natalie's. But in the Camden/Rockland area I think the three places serving the most inventive and highest quality meals are Primo, Francine's, and Natalie's, in that order. (By the way, I think the official name for Francine's is "Francine Bistro," so if you're searching for info that's what you'd use.)

      By the way, we'd heard a lot about Burning Tree on Rt. 3 in Otter Creek, down the road from Bar Harbor, but found it disappointing. Poor service and mediocre food.

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        Rufustfi must of had a bad night you visited Burning Tree... I have been there many many times, and found it to be excellent every time. I even had my 50th birthday party there.... I also have noticed several diplomats, senators, actors, actresses, as well as heavy duty Washington people dining there. Several years ago, Gary Moore was a neighbor and dined there very often, so this shows you their cliental.

      2. Well, if you are nyc hounds and have a Pizza craving stop at Finelli's in Ellsworth....right at the " Triangle "....the Pizza Margherita is as good as any in for the rest of the state, forget it.
        If you want really good lobster and don't care about ambieance, the Trenton Lobster Pound is among the is right on the road to MDI at the Trenton Bridge..just order the boiled lobster , corn and steamed clams, but be sure to tell them you want hard shell lobster ONLY...sit at the picnic table and just enjoy the food.

        1. We stayed in Hancock a couple of weeks ago (just north of Ellsworth) and had some good chow at:
          Tidal Falls Lobster Pound (gorgeous location, really good fish and chips for me--the one with the lobster allergy)
          good down-home cooking if you're a really adventurous home cook at Chippers (also in Hancock on Route 1)
          fabulous French food at La Domaine (also in Hancock on Route 1)
          We also had good lunches/breakfasts at the Cottage Street Deli/Bakery in Bar Harbor.
          My brother and SIL (who live up there) love Havana in Bar Harbor.

          1. The Left Bank in Blue Hill has been closed for a few years.