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Aug 16, 2006 04:37 PM

How often do you clean your self-cleaning oven?

How often do you run the self-cleaning cycle on your oven? Yearly, quarterly, weekly?

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  1. Only when the pizza stone (on the bottom) has black spots due to dripping food, or when I want to clean my BBQ grills.

    1. I do it once a year, or more if it needs it. (coincidence: I just did it last week!)

      Smelled nasty, made the house really hot, but was very effective. I wonder how much the hydro on that is going to cost me :(

      1. Usually don't have to clean it in the summer months- using the grill or my convection oven. Always give it a cleaning before thanksgiving. And if I am not careful when baking my pies, have to clean it again after Thanksgiving. And often after roasting a chicken.

        1. As often as it needs it and if my cook top burner grids are especially grotty. I have run the clean cycle as often as once a week if it needs it. Then again I can go several months.

          My M-I-L has never run hers at all in 20 years. She claims to be afraid of it. Meant to do that the last time we were at her house and just never got around to it.

          1. I do mine whenever it needs it. My sister has never done hers though. She claims that it wears out the heating elements more quickly, so she cleans her oven out the painfully old-fashioned way, on her hands and knees with oven cleaner. My thinking is that you can replace those elements but you cannot replace your back, so I'll do it the easy way.