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Aug 16, 2006 04:36 PM

Santa Rosa Beach - Cafe Provence review

We were going to be on vacation in Destin, FL while celebrating a milestone birthday and were looking for a local restaurant that would fit the bill. I found Café Provence from the Web. Chef Michel is from Belgium and he assured us this would be a memorable meal. He wasn’t kidding. Granted, the date was on a Monday night, typically a slow restaurant night, but our very first impression of the French country atmosphere was our private dining room. There were 5 of us with 2 private waiters, which really made us feel special. Chef Michel designed a prix fixe menu for us after interviewing me regarding personal tastes, interests, and food allergies. Our first course was a delicious prosciutto/parmesan tartlet, light as a feather. The bread was so yummy, as well. The 2nd course was a huge sea scallop in a divine butter sauce reduction with white wine. The 3rd course, the salad, was a French version of salad caprese with luscious in season tomatoes and lettuce assortment and a walnut oil based vinaigrette. The 4th course was the most exquisite grouper, grilled to perfection, no heavy sauce here, with a mélange of vegetables. The 5th course was perfectly medium rare tenderloin with a demi glace reduction. I am not a fan of tenderloin, I prefer sirloin or ribeye, more flavorful. This was excellent, the sauce perfectly matched to enhance flavor in the meat. The dessert was a warm chocolate soufflé with vanilla bean ice cream. The wine pairing was also delicous and complimented the food very well. If you are looking for a special meal in the Panhandle, please try Café Provence in Santa Rosa, I don’t think you will be disappointed

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  1. your review is thorough and not surprising;an element lacking

    is the price of the dining experience;to consider the other

    fine dining available in this area.

    1. Our fixed price menu was $50/pp. You can customize your price to fit the number of courses you choose. Chef Michel was very willing to work with us. To us, the dining experience exceeded the value of the meal.