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Aug 16, 2006 04:28 PM

Great Pies in Westchester

I've noticed a lot of crappy 'home-made' pies around--gritty shortening crust (or EZ crumble top crust), commercial pie filling, non seasonal fruit. Is there anyone around (and I'm willing to travel) who does a really great, really home-made pie? I'm thinking fresh seasonal fruit, actual rolled pastry (looks aren't important), bright and interesting flavors? Let me know if you can think of anyone--

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  1. Ah.. forget chocolate...I'd walk a mile for a pie.
    LOTS of bad pie "baked on the premises" flim-flam...even Sailnger's, the Brewster orchard: pre-made crust and filling.
    Grandma's?? real fruit but was frozen..mostly bogus, unless you're talking non-fruit (ie cream pie, etc.)
    Gallagher's in scarsdale famous for pies, connie's in Mt. Kisco makes a good one. Look at bakeries, not restos.

    1. Grandma's Country Pie Restaurant
      Address: Route 202
      City: Peekskill
      Phone: 914-739-7770

      Boston Creme, Banana Creme, etc. are best.

      Try any of the Farmer's Markets or Orchards in the county. I will also agree with the PP
      about trying reputable bakeries. There has to be some good ones around.
      Balducci's in Scarsdale/Eastchester perhaps if the wallet allows?

      Link, Farmers Markets:
      This previous post might be a good lead. Give it a try.

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        I find Grandma's highly overrated. And really not good at all -- not nearly like MY grandma's. Lousy apple pie. I'll give the cream pies a try.

        I agree about farmer's markets though.

      2. It's Galloway's in Eastchester/ Scarsdale- just off Harney Road ext. of Brx River Pkway.
        Only open on the weekends, but well worth it.

        Try Lulu's on Garth Road, too.

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        1. re: MRS

          Another neat little tidbit of information:

          Have a look.

          1. re: Cheese Boy

            Unfortunately, the best of Westchester issue is completely biased and I believe unreliable. The Chocolate Chalet? Have you tried their stuff? Hardly the best of anything. Some of it is accurate, though. Patisserie Lulu and La Tulipe are tops all the way!

            But back to the question at hand. I think farmer's markets are the way to go for fresh fruit pies.

        2. Grandma's Mud Pie is pretty good. And I like their Dutch and French Apple Pies, but I agree that the fruit is not fresh.