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Aug 16, 2006 04:24 PM

Great Diamond Island MAine

Has anyone taken the ferry from Portland MAine to Great Diamond Island and had dinner or lunch at the retaurant there?? If so, please tell me if it is worth the trip and what is good there.

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  1. We have been to the restaurant several times with our own boat. The marina charges $5 for a slip while you eat. The setting is hard to beat, right on "cocktail" cove with sweeping views of Casco Bay. The staff are very friendly and accomadating but can get a bit harried when the ferry drops 25-30 day trippers at their door. Yor can eat indoors in the dining room which is nicely rennovated and warm or outside facing the cove if the weather is nice. There is a great supply of bug spray at the bar if you forgot to BYO. Now for the food..
    Fairly upscale menu befitting the rather exclusive atmosphere of the Island. This is not the place for traditional Maine specialties. At a recent lunch we had a tuna BLT which came as a deconstructed, open-faced affair with a good sized chunk of medium-rare tuna on a bed of foccacia and veggies, so-so. Mussels provencal were tasty but not the meatiest specimens I've had. No bread for dipping. Fish and chips were not on par with most of the beach-side take out shops in the area and suffered from a overly heavy batter that fell off too easily.
    Fried calamri was good but arrived somewhat cool. The tab was $165 before tip for six with two glasses of house wine and a Stella. More traditional Maine seafood can be had at Cook's on Bailey Island.