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Aug 16, 2006 04:19 PM

Lunch around the Delta Chelsea


Wondering if you all could recommend a nice lunch spot for me to take a business colleague on a non-business lunch, somewhere within 15 minutes walking distance of the Delta Chelsea. Was going to go to Osgoode Hall but it's closed till September - something along those lines would be great.


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  1. Either Lai Wah Heen or Hemispheres at the Metropolitan Hotel would be a good choice. Pricier than Osgoode Hall, but good quality.

    Also close by is Salad King, and the "upscale" Linda upstairs.

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    1. re: Gourmando

      Linda isn't open for lunch. And Salad King is shared tables. But great food at both.
      Another good choice would be Matagali (69 Elm St) which serves a mixture of Thai and Indian dishes.

    2. Cooks on 8 at The Bay (old Simpson Tower). Great view. Make sure you make a reservation. Have a good meal.

      1. if you're colleague's a carnivore, you could always hit barberian's.

        1. If you and your friend like Indian food, there's Indian Flavor inside Atrium on the Bay, about 10-15 walk from Delta Chelsea. Nice atmosphere,food is not bad, has vegetarian section as well. Lunch time has mostly office workers.

          There's also a thai restaurant called The One, on Yonge I think east of Gerrard. For lunch they have a thai buffet.

          1. I'm from I'm quite familiar with the area. Salad King is fun, good food and cheap, but it can get really loud-hard to carry a conversation. If you want to go high-end, Bistro 990 (on Bay Street)is not far from the Delta Chelsea. It's a favorite by celebs during the film festival.