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Aug 16, 2006 03:50 PM

Hershey & York PA Trip Reasonable Eats?

Planning a trip to Hershey Park and York, PA to visit the various factory tours. Will be there 4 days and 3 nights.

Looking for restaurant suggestions. Good breakfast (Thomasville PA and York PA and Hershey PA), Quick Lunch (Hanover PA and York PA) and dinner anywhere in this general area.

Have found some so far - what do you think?? What have you tried any and is it reasonably priced?

Lebbie Lebkicher's Casual Buffet Dining, Hershey, PA

Round the Clock Diner, York, PA

Autographs Restaurant, York, PA

The Garlic Pot, York, PA

Corner Stable, York, PA

White Rose Bar and Grill, York, PA

Thanks for any help!!

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  1. The Philly in York. It has been awhile, but they have the best blue crabs I have ever had! It is just a neiborhood bar, but we have gone 100 miles out of our way many a time for them.

    1. Porky's Place BBQ in York is just a takeout place but is very good!

      1. Don't miss the great homemade ice cream at Mizzoli ice cream, right near HersheyPark. We just had their teaberry ice cream, and another flavor who's name I forget that was an Italian almond custard.

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          Tortoni. Made with a custard base, nice and rich.

        2. WhatIf Cafe in Hershey (downstairs at Spinners) is wonderful for lunch or dinner. Or travel a little farther down to Lebanon & have dinner at Trattoria Fratelli for the best Italian in central PA.

          1. A few years ago, we were in York for a college friend's wedding and ended up getting breakfast and late night munchies at the Round The Clock diner, since it was quite close to our hotel. I don't recall anything being bad or being exceptional, just your general diner food. I do recall the place being packed with people on a Sunday morning however. It would probably serve you well as a breakfast stop, but I'd try other suggestions for a lunch or dinner.