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Aug 16, 2006 03:49 PM

International Marine Products - Need Advice

My buddy and I are looking to buy some sushi-grade fish and shell fish and heard that IMP was the place to go.

Anyone been? What's the protocol there?

Just need some advice for a couple of first-timers.


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  1. go to los angeles fish co., as well. get there early, 6am. not sure about imp, but l.a. fish co will fillet for you. pick out your fish get it weighed, it's fun and the fish is so much better than sm seafood, etc.

    1. I'm there weekly and your best bet is to talk to one of the counter salesman and tell them what you want? If your looking for a lb or two of fish this is NOT the Place for you. If your looking for 4-6 lbs of a couple types of fish and Whole fish also, then this will be a great place to go. Expect to spend over a 100- min per visit.
      They don't sell Salmon or other Whole fish by the lb but by the Fish only which can be expensive. Most orders are several hundred to thousands of dollars. Best time to go is 6a. By 7a it's a mad house and no one has time to help with ?'s.

      1. Like the real estate agents say...dont judge this place from the outside or its location.

        This is the place where I go for dinner parties or when I cook for a large group. I like the steamed dungeness crabs, the various grades of tuna, the salmon, live oysters, santa barbara spot prawns and crab legs--all fresh, all based on availability. Bring a cooler, free ice. In case you forget the cooler from home, they might give you an empty styrafoam cooler or ...they give bags to carry the goods home in. Secure parking on site. Japanese and Spanish spoken, as well as English. The place opens very very early.