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Aug 16, 2006 03:09 PM

Chocolate Bars by the box

Does anyone know where to buy a box of chocolate bars? We're having a shower for my sister on the weekend and I want to buy her a box of Coffee Crisps (she can't get them in the states). Hey, who says it has to all be about the baby?

Any help appreciated. My sister will hate you for it.

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  1. You can find boxes of chocolate bars at any Costco.

    1. I thought Costco might... unfortunately I'm not a member. Thanks for the suggestion though.

      1. Markaroni,

        Sometimes Shoppers/Pharma Plus have 2 chcocolate bars for $1, especially during Back to School season!

        Otherwise, go to a local convenience store and ask for a bulk discount for an entire box. They get this stuff from Costco too and they'll probably make a 20% margin off you, but it's still cheaper than getting a membership and staking out a suburbian costco.

        1. As someone who has packed a suitcase full of ketchup chips, hickory sticks, coffee crisps, Twizzlers, etc., my standby when I am in TO is to run into the nearest Wal-mart. I think packs of 4 deliciously Canadian chocolate bars are around $3.

          1. I think Costco or Sams Club will give you a trial membership (one day to let you try it out).