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Aug 16, 2006 03:07 PM

*Good* fried rice

I'm craving chicken fried rice -- and *not* the toxic, soy-saturated, orange or brown crap that is served in most local Chinese restaurants.

For more than a decade, every time I'm in London I go to New Diamond on Lisle Street for a heaping plate of the most delicious chicken fried rice in existence. The rice is white, fluffy, glistening; the chicken is breast meat, cut into thin strips; there's plenty of egg. It's full of flavor; it's fantastic. I've heard the rest of the menu at New Diamond is great, too -- but I can never get beyond the chicken fried rice, because it's so wonderful, it's all I care to eat.

Unfortunately, I won't be in London again any time soon. HELP! Is there anywhere in the 5 boroughs to have a wonderful chicken (or beef, or vegetable) fried rice, treated with integrity and love by the chef?

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  1. Yes. Although I too love fried rice, it's rare that you remember a place for its FR dish.

    I strongly recommend SWEET AND TART in chinatown. It seems touristy, but that's b/c it's modern Hong Kong style. The food is very authentic and very creative.

    They have a crystal fried rice which is fantastic. There is no soy sauce added, but it's the only fried rice I have ever remembered a place for.

    Oh, and sit downstairs.

    let me know what you think,


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      The Times reported earlier this month that Sweet-N-Tart had lost its lease and closed. It said the Flushing location was still open.

      1. re: squid kun

        oh, man. that sucks. guess i have to find a new place that has crystal fried rice.

      2. re: euroskip

        I remember they had good fried rice dishes too - for example, with lettuce in it. Fresh bean sprouts, sweet onions and even thinly sliced fresh cabbage are great as fried components in fried rice - a little sesame oil with the eggs, white pepper and a garnish of torn up cilantro leave are also nice

      3. any of the spice thai restaurants have very good fried rice also.

        1. I love Joya's fried rice in Cobble Hill.

          1. Big Wing Wong has awesome fried rice.

            1. Sapporo on 49th street has great chahan - japanese version of fried rice. You have to like the pickled ginger though.