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Aug 16, 2006 03:06 PM


Really impressed with how Stinky is coming along, having not been back since their first week when pickings were slim.

We stopped in over the weekend and got some excellent bread crusted in garlic (VERY garlicky, you have to love garlic like I do to enjoy it I think) and possibly the best serrano ham I've ever tasted. They cut it nice and thick, straight from the bone. The man who did this was very knowledgeable and filled us in on how difficult a time Spain has getting its on the bone hams into the US (only a few varieties are clear for import into the US). Also had some great Speck.

I noticed their offering dishes by the lb. from various local restaurants including the tasty charred longbeans from Taku. Really cool. Clarified butter from Applewood, etc.

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    1. I'd agree-I was there last week and after some chat they steered me to a wonderful Fleur Vert and Arina goat Gouda...very friendly, interesting spot.

      1. Now here's a post I can relate to, especially since I've come upon it accidentally while munching on the garlic bread I think you're speaking of. Bought it last night after dinner, just before Stinky closed, and had a nice conversation about their progress and the demise of Tuller (which I havent liked for a year or so now... but I did like the owner, who's now moved back to the West Coast). Also bought a "Neil's Yard" stilton that is going very well with the bread. I like this place and their showcasing of other Bklyn products (D'Amico coffee, a local bakery, Applewood's pate...) is a great feature. Highly recommended, as is their wine store across the street.