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Aug 16, 2006 02:47 PM

Luella on Sunday nights

Arriving mid-October. Dinner schedule as follows. Friday night...Chez Spencer, Saturday night(Wedding Anniversary) The Dining Room at the R-C, Sunday night...Luella. I see that Sunday night at Luella is kids night. How bad is this(kids gone wild/niosy, etc.) as we will be looking for a nice quiet dinner to wind up our S.F. trip? If this will be terrible, other recs please? Any problems with the rest of the scheduled dinners? Thanks.

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  1. I've always noticed at least a handful of children at Luella, but never been bothered. I've never been on a Sunday, thou.

    1. We had our anniversary dinner at the Ritz last year and it couldn't have been nicer or better. A perfect choice.

      Have eaten at Luella a number of times (going there this Friday night with out of town friends) and it's lovely. Haven't been on Sunday night however so not sure about the children. You might just give them a call and ask as I think they would be very truthful.

      1. Please post back about what you learn - luella is one of my favorite restaurants and I've been curious about Sunday nights there as well.

        1. I suggest you should try Zuni on Sunday night. It will be a nice dinner to wind up your SF trip at a SF institution.