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Aug 16, 2006 02:45 PM

Le Saint Amour or Laurie Raphael?

I just began to hear about Saint Amour. It looks wonderful from the website. Any experience out there with it? How does it compare to Lauie Raphael? If we were to have one truly delicious meal (and pricey) in QC where should we dine?

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  1. I say Laurie-Raphaël all the way. St-Amour does not even compare for me. Laurie's chef, Daniel Vézina, reinvents the style and creates a very unique terroir based cuisine.
    In the same level of quality, you could also check out L'Utopie and L'Initiale.

    1. My husband and I just returned from Quebec 2 weeks ago.
      Please, please, please DO NOT go to Sainte Amour for your "splurge" dinner. It is grossly overpriced and overrated. The service was polite but absent for most of our meal ( which was cold). ( See my post Adventures in Quebec) You will not be happy.

      Laurie Raphael is the way to go for service, food and ambiance. Although we had an odd experience there,LR would be my pick hands down.
      L'Initiale would be another spot to consider-we chose LR over it, b/c we wanted a slightly more casual atmosphere.

      If you have access to a car, I really recommend the Monte Cristo at Le Chateau Bonne Entente in Sainte Foy. Simply fantastic in every way, shape and form. Plus, the chef is the loveliest person. We had the opprtunity to meet her after our excellent dinner! The Sea Bass with lobster wonton was to die for. The seafood risotto was divine. The duck and the steak were perfect. Our server, Severine, was top notch.

      1. I totally recommend Le Saint Amour..I just posted a comment about this on this web site..look for best in Quebec City..I best meal, ever in our lives..Also, going out of the city..Aubergene..Fabulous..We had sweet breads 3 times, couldnt get enough..Oh, and St. worth every penny and more..had the 10 course meal..

        1. I am also glad to hear that others found St. Amour disappointing. We barely ate anything (two salads, one appetizer, one order of the foie gras "experience" and two glasses of mediocre wine) and the bill came to $130.

          The menu made a big deal about the authenic french/terroir cooking, but nothing really stood out. Our salads were fine, quite large, but nothing to write home about. My scallops were fine and my asparagus was kind of mushy. The wine I asked the waiter's rec for did not really do much for the dish. My husband did really (really really) like the creme brule foie gras, but for that much money, we expected a lot more.