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Aug 16, 2006 02:30 PM

Airport area sushi?

Have to make two airport pick-ups, three hours apart. Any suggestions for reasonable sushi in the airport vicinity to kill the time between pick-up numbers one and two?

Or, if not sushi exactly per se, something else wonderful and hound-ish close enough to make it feasible?

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  1. Time frame? I like two in Mississauga: Kumai on Hurontario(Hwy 10)s. of Britannia; and Jimbay on Dixie. Both are Japanese 0/0 places and easily accessible from Eglinton west from the airport.

    1. I guess I was hoping for something right near the airport - like along the dreaded airport strip. We will have about 3 hours total - but you never know what you're dealing with in terms of delays and luggage etc.

      Thanks - I'll look on the map and see if either of those two are do-able.

      1. Kimura-san, onetime owner of Decker Ten in Mississauga, has a place out near Pearson. I'll check around for the name/location. When are you doing your taxi thing?

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        1. re: Kagemusha

          Oh - no taxi. I'm the taxi. My husband and one son are arriving on a flight at 5-ish. Second son supposedly arriving on a flight at 9-ish. Looking for good eats in between.

          Thanks for looking into that.

          1. re: Nyleve

            That's what I meant by taxi service. Kimura's place is called Gingko, located in one of the hotels--not sure which one--sorry.

        2. Thank you! I'll find it.

          1. I think Ginko is the one in Double Tree Hotel. On Dixon Rd. south side, just east of Hwy 27. It looks to be pretty expensive there.

            There's a couple of other sushi places by there too, I think one is Sushi-ya and the other I can't remember is right next to Kelsey's. They're all on Dixion, but I've never tried any of these places... and I'm a bit apprehensive to.