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Aug 16, 2006 01:57 PM

which is better for a small group: balthazar, craft, fleur de sel, or 11 madison?

planning dinner for about 9 people, we want yummy food and ability to hear each other (don't require a scene). which one would you go to??

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  1. hmm. I'd say Craft. Definitely not Fleur de Sel. Eleven Madison Park is a good option too, but dinner will be very long. Balthazar is both too noisy and in a different league than the other restaurants you've suggested.

    1. You may want to check and see if these restaurants will accept a party of nine also. Pretty sure Craft will but not sure about the other two.

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      1. Fleur de Sel is crowded and the decor is boring.

        1. Craft does accept parties of 9 but the table set up is no where near ideal for conversation. the menu is ideal for large parties- always many options for "more than one" listed in the box. you probably have to settle for a meal on the very early side or late side- they don't usually take reservations for a large party in "prime time" (unless it's way in advance)

          as for the others; Balthazar is for tourists in my opinion. decor is great but the food is really disappointing. fleur food is awesome. if i were attending this gathering it'd be craft, fleur then 11 madison.

          Gotham does have a round table that seats up to ten. that may be worth investigating.

          1. 11 Madison does a WONDERFUL job with parties this size. I have done several and has always been great. The food is always excellent (not the best by any means but always expertly prepared), service top notch and the atmosphere is beautiful. Can't go wrong @ 11 Mad.