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Aug 16, 2006 01:37 PM

Trying to replicate a Kreuz Market smoked pit ham. Any ideas?

Hello -

Thinking of trying to replicate the great smoked pit ham I ordered from Kreuz' Market in Lockhart. Has anyone else tried to smoke a ham? I can find a lot on brisket and pork, but not much on ham. Thanks in advance.


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  1. I smoked ham every Easter and Christmas. Unfortunately, I have no idea how Kreuz' market, so I can't say, but from my experience, I do it almost exactly like I do it in the oven. I do it rather high heat - around 325, with a dijon mustard-honey-chipotle glaze over apple or hickory. When the ham reaches 125 in the deep center, its done.

    I've heard of others caramelizing the glaze afterwards with a torch. If that's your thing, go for it.

    By the way, the ham bone coming out of that sucker will be absolutely amazing. It's a double smoked ham hock and makes the most amazing beans you've ever, ever tasted...

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      I didn't have the ham when I went to Kreuz, so don't know what all's involved in cooking it. However, the owner Rick Schmidt says their briskets & shoulder clods are smoked at high heat: 400 F as told in Mike Mills' book Peace, Love & Barbecue. I imagine that the hams (being a tender cut relative to brisket) would also be cooked at that high temp, so adamclyde's probably on the right track.

      For those who are curious, I have photos of the large brick Kreuz pits on my blog:

    2. Adam's advice sounds great-- I've done a spiral slice on the hams and finished with an apricot jam-chipotle glaze. You didn't mention if you have a green (fresh) ham or a cured ham, there's obviously a huge difference there. The green ham won't have the 'hammy' flavor since it is not cured, but would taste more like a smokey roasted pork.... Definitely save that bone.

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        that's right - I didn't even think of fresh ham. Those sure are good. But I've never done one myself on my smoker. Need to do that someday. My experience, like yours it sounds, is on spiral sliced ones.

        Apricot and chipotle. man, that is a great pairing, isn't it? I've done raspberry-chipotle on ribs before. that would be good on ham too, I imagine...