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Aug 16, 2006 01:28 PM

Where are the tomatoes???

Shouldn't this town be flooded with high-quality tomatoes around this time of year?? The Union Square Greenmarket has had some, but I saw one guy on saturday selling heirlooms for $7.50/pound. I went to a restaurant that specializes in seasonal menus and there was one dish that had cherry tomatoes as an accent and nothing else. I guess I'm used to swimming in gazpacho and Tuscan tomato bread salad. is it just a bad season??

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  1. I agree. I keep ordering salads and thinking they will be full of yummy tomatoes and they're not. I know that several farms in the area did lose a lot of crops this year, though not sure why. I have seen benefits for farms that need help getting through the season. I did buy some yummy and not too expensive tomatoes at the farmer's market at Prospect Park a couple of weeks ago. Good luck finding them.

    1. It hasn't been a great season for anything this year, and it's also been a late one. The "height" of the season isn't going to be very exciting this year, but I think we're just now getting into it. But I'm expecting them to be water-heavy and not-quite-ideally ripe or sweet, like pretty much everything else been... The ones I've gotten so far have been like that. And what it's worth, that seems to be the case all around the country this year.

      As for pricing, I saw quite a few heirloom types for way less than $7/lb last Saturday - when did you get there? Who got away with charging that much? The highest I saw was $5 and I thought _they_ were nuts.

      1. I was there around 2p Saturday

        1. ???

          I walked through Union Sq. a couple of hours ago: tons of tomatoes. I was just grabbing some Windfall greens, so I wasn't paying too close attention - think I saw a few heirloom signs @ $4.50/lb.

          1. Gotta get beyond Union Square market, folks!

            The market on W. 97th Street has had wonderful tomatoes from Bradley Farms for past few weeks now, and I'm pretty sure he doesn't charge more than $3/lb. There are other vendors there (e.g. from New Jersey) who also have nice looking tomatoes that I can GUARANTEE are not $7.50/lb.