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Aug 16, 2006 03:59 AM

Apple Hill For Apple Cider Donuts [Split from S.F. thread]

Thanks for reporting back mid-trip.

On your way to or from Lake Tahoe you might consider a stop at Apple Hill for some great apple cider donuts. Don't know how many farms are open yet.

Abels is one of my favorites that is a quick on/off the highway. My absolute favorite for both cider and donuts is Rainbow Orchards, but they are a little out of the way. Don't know if they are open yet either, but they've been selling blueberries at the local farmers markets lately.

If you make a rest stop at Apple Hill, stick to the donuts and cider. The pies are ok but not amazing.

Apple Hill

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  1. In general I agree about the pies, but check out Harris Tree Farm for pies. Again, an out of the way place. You walk in and see a bunch of "grandmas" making pies and you just know you are in good hands.

    1. Oh, my...
      Rainbow Orchards..........
      happy doughnuts