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Aug 16, 2006 12:58 PM

Dinner for 15 in BK - eclectic

I've spend hours on Chowhound looking for ideas. We do not want the usual Al di la, Grocery, Saul, Henry's End. We prefer something more exciting and unique. Prefer African but it seems most places in BK have closed. I've been to Madiba and I was not wowed. Does anyone have any new suggestions? Table for 15 please.

Cuisine: Anything but Asian.

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  1. Cannot speak for the quality as I have not been in a couple of years, but how about one of the Yemeni places on atlantic?

    1. Why not Tanoreen or Damascus Gate in Bay Ridge, or Bahar (Afghan) on Coney Island Avenue. One of the big Turkish or Russian places also might be good for a group of your size or a Moroccan in Bay Ridge? There is one across the street from Tanoreen (Les Babouches?) that has belly dancers tho I havent tasted the food. Luz on Vanderbilt might be an option if you are looking for a place that is hip/upscale but also a bit exotic, very good food, but Im not sure, a group of 15 might overwhelm the vibe of the place.

      1. Dekar in Bed Stuy is really good. As far as I know, they're still open.

        1. There is a new cafe/club restaurant with an Island styled menu, called Footsteps that seems to have a nice mixture of interesting sandwiches and salads and more traditional Island fare. I have not yet eaten there,so I cannot tell you anything about the physical place or their ability to seat 15, but my co worker who is from Barbados, said the food was excellent.
          It's in Coney Island, around West 15th St and Mermaid or Surf Ave's
          If you go before I do, please post your experience.