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Aug 16, 2006 12:21 PM

nag's head

going to kill devil hills, nc -- any dining suggestions?

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  1. Had my vacation on the Outer Banks ( we stay in Corolla) earlier this summer. What a great place!
    Dirty Dick's was surprisingly good. Looks like a tourist trap, and probably is. You will see signs advertising it all over Rte 158. it is on Rte 12, just as you come over the Wright Bridge.
    I saw TONS of people outside of Jimmy's SEafood Buffet in Kill Devils Hill- but not sure if that means it is good. It is cheap, and they have a website you can check out.

    1. Colington Cafe ? Something like that. In Colington Harbor.

      1. I've heard the seafood buffet's are not so great, but in 10 years of visiting the OBX, I've never been to one.

        My favorites are Kill Devils - they have greate burgers, dogs, and fries, and by far the best ice cream/custard around.

        I also enjoy Slammin Sammy's, Kelly's, Coastal Cactus, and Goombays - all in the Kill Devil Hills area.

        Let us know how it goes!!!

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          FWIW, Slammin' Sammy's sold out to Dirty Dicks and Coastal Cactus is now the Salt Water Grill...both are are extremely mediocre, at best.

          I tend to avoid Seafood Buffets...If I'm gonna drop $30.00 a plate, I'd rather my seafood be fresh and not frozen.

        2. copied and pasted from another post of mine -

          Colington Cafe - on Colington Road right past Wright's Memorial in Kill Devil Hills - GREAT She Crab Bisque - I had their tuna special which was excellent. A little pricy but worth it.

          Right in Duck there is The Roadside Bar and Grill - their clam chowder is excellent. Only had lunch there - have heard nothing but good things about the place. Going north on road in Duck it is on the right hand side - oldish cottage looking place - unpainted wood with green cloth awnings.

          Tortuga's Lie - MP (milepost) 11 - On the beach road - have read several reports of their good fish tacos. Interesting menu.

          Chili Peppers - MP 5 1/2 Very good - famous for their sauces. Have had lunch there several times and dinner once - was good each time we went.

          do a search for outerbanks and you'll find other sugestions

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