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Looking for Feedback on Katz's Bagels in Chelsea

I just learned about Katz's Bagels in Chelsea. Are they any good?

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  1. I really like them - Someday in Davis used to carry them before the closed.

    Small, dense, chewy enough to teethe a baby on. I highly recommend them and prefer them to Iggy's.

    1. Very good. The only consistently good bagel in Boston, as far as I'm concerned.

      You can buy them (but not in large quantity) at Tosci's in Central Square, on weekend mornings.

      1. They make an excellent pizza bagel also.

        1. They're great -- how a bagel should be. Chewy on the outside, tender in middle and not silly-big like most of the breads out there passing themselves off as bagels. Have been eating Katz's bagels for over 35 years.

          1. Are they better than Kupel's bagels in Brookline? Those are probably my favorite in the area, though I've heard there's a place in Newton Centre that might be even better (the name escapes me).

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              In Newton, it's Rosenfeld Bagels....they are different than Katz's bagels, and very good.

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                Yes. Kupel's makes a pretty good plain bagel, but for some strange reason their seeded bagels are these huge, puffy, dry contraptions. Rosenfeld's in Newton Centre is OK, but really neither comes close to Katz.

              2. Katz's is the best bagel in Boston, I never understand why people forget about them. Crispy outside, chewy inside, great cream cheese, and I have to admit that I always throw a pizza bagel into the order when I am there.

                1. I gotta disagree - I find Katz's bagels pretty weak. As noted, the shape and size are about right -- not huge and floppy like some places. But the crumb is dry, the crust isn't as tightly wrapped around the crumb as it should be, and they're just kinda tasteless. I like the little shop, but I wasn't too impressed with the product.

                  As for being better than Kupel's, well, that's a pretty low bar. (Am I a bagel snob?!? It's possible.) Rosenfeld's is the place in Newton Centre, and they are by far the best in the area, for my money.

                  1. What are the hours at Katz's? I assume they aren't open in the evenings?

                    One other bagel place I like is Zeppy's in Randolph. I used to go there a lot, though I still think Kupel's is a little better.

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                      Give them a call... (617) 884-9738.

                      After partying, my brother and I would always stop by Katz's in the wee hours of the morning (1:00 a.m.) and pick up fresh bagels for Sunday morning breakfast. Their chive cream cheese is the best!

                      I also like (but don't love...) the bagel place in Arlington that sells H&H bagels -- USA Bagels or something like that.

                    2. We finally tried Katz's and I don't get it! Except that they weren't frozen, I thought they were dead-ringers for the Lender's bagels I used to eat in the 70's.

                      1. Yeah, I don't particularly care for Katz's...They're better than Kupel's, but their interior is way too dry, IMHO. I find Rosenfeld's to be exceptional, the malt in the mix really does it, makes them crackly on the outside, yet still moist and chewy on the inside.

                        I drove 1/2 hour out of my way the morning of my father's funeral to get them, even tho Katz's was on the way...THAT'S how strongly I feel about Rosenfeld's bagels....

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                            And yet the flavor is weak. Perhaps it comes down to salt preferences? I like a really salty bagel. It shouldn't need a 1/2" schmear to have a pronounced saltiness. I think Rosenfeld's bagels has a flat flavor, maybe just because there's more salt in a Katz bagel.

                          2. I just find Katz's short on flavor, in general...Kind of like they bake them already stale...And I was shocked, shocked I tell you,that they didn't make a salt bagel!!!!
                            Plus, I don't eat cream cheese on my bagels, so the test is usually eating them plain...

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                              I think the flavor is decent. But hubby was very disappointed they don't make a poppy bagel either When he asked he was told it's because people were't buying them because they were worried about testing positive on drug tests.

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                                Actually, when I was a galleygirl on a schooner, i had to stop making poppyseed muffins, becasue we were subject to random Department of transportation drug tests, and they DO show up as a false positive!

                            2. Sounds like a blind taste test may need to be done! It's amazing how varied the opinions are when it comes to bagels.

                              But it sounds like the places that seem to be toward the top of the list are:


                              If Katz's is open late on Friday, perhaps I'll head over after work.

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                                Not to wander too far afield from the original thread, but if a list is to be compiled, I'd also throw in Cafe Fresh Bagel in Needham/Dedham/Framingham. Properly tough outside, nice chew inside.

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                                  I wish Zadies(sp?) in Sagus was still around....I liked those the best. Does anyone know if they are still making bagels?

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                                    Get a cream-cheese-and-lox-on-plain at Kupel's and don't waste your money on the rest of their stuff.