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Aug 16, 2006 08:18 AM

New Thai Vegetarian in West Hollywood!

A couple friends of mine have been raving about a new place on Melrose that I finally got to try tonight.
They were right!
The menu is vegetarian with many vegan options - dishes can be made with tofu, veggie chicken, veggie pepper steak, or veggie shrimp.
The sauces are wonderful, everything was really tasty!
Favorites from tonight are: Sate Chicken Skewers, Seaweed Rolls, Glass Noodle Salad with Shrimp, Busaba Pumpkin, Fish with Green Apple, and Mushroom Tom Kah Soup. The dessert stand-out to me was the Coconut Custard but we also enjoyed the Mango with Coconut Rice and the Banana Rolls with Coconut Ice Cream!!!
The name is Busaba Thai Vegetarian Kitchen and it's at 7168 Melrose on the south side of the street by Formosa.
Really friendly service as well!

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  1. Tried Busaba last night and it was delicious. The Crispy rice salad was really flavorful and interesting, and the grilled dumplings were great. Portions weren't huge but we ordered a lot of dishes and appetizers and were still pleasantly surprised to see how small the bill was.

    very tasty, great friendly service. Would definitely recommend.

    1. We just started ordering from this place for lunch, (they deliver to our shop on Larchmont Blvd.), and I must add my recommendation. The best thing I have had so far is the Busaba pumpkin, and I hear great things from everyone else in the office about their food.

      1. i think they are great as well. the portions are a little smaller than california vegan but i think the prices are also a little cheaper for comparable dishes.

        1. thanks for this post- i've walked in there a few times meaning to get take out, but got cold feet and wound up at azami next door. i'll probably check it out today. thanks!