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Aug 16, 2006 06:31 AM

More Search Problems

I searched for: cajun
in Southwest

It did not find the post of 4/12/06 containing this word in the Title.

I think I could find another example, if I looked hard enough.

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  1. Example 2: Tlacoyo
    in Southwest

    It did not find the post of May 26, 2006 - again, the word is in the Title.

    Does it not include the Title contents?

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    1. re: johnseberg

      Interestingly enough, it does show up if you search 'topics' only. That is an odd discrepancy.

    2. I agree. There is something definitely wrong with the search function -- it doesn't give a complete list.

      Case in point: On the Manhattan board, someone requested info on Boqueria when not two hours before, another person had written a long review. I was about to set the first bonehead straight (Do a Search, idjut!) when I gave it a try myself. Despite 'Boqueria' in the review's title, it did not show up in a search, even when I filtered for the Manhattan board. I conducted the search over 12 hours after both posts.

      It's hard to expect people to research if the search function is not picking up all the relevant threads.

      1. i was just about to add my burgeoning frustration to this thread, as i've written a couple of long reports on restaurants this past week and couldn't find them through search for the life of me. i had to go into my chow and link through there. makes it hard when you want to forward a specific link to a friend.

        anyway, looks like there's a reason:

        hope the indexing issue is a temporary thing and not ongoing.