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Aug 16, 2006 05:17 AM

Best food for under $20

I am going to New York this week and I was looking for some inexpensive places to eat around Brooklyn and Manhattan (anywhere really).

Any help would be great. Thanks

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  1. Do you mean sit-down restaurants only? Because the first thing I thought of was Banh Mi Saigon Bakery, which is a hell of a lot less than $20 but for takeout.

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    1. re: Pan

      Any type of restaurants. Take out or sit down

    2. Here are some of my cheap but effective places. I don't do meat:

      1)Whole Foods at Columbus Circle -- hot bar, huge salad bar, sandwiches, pizza, soup etc. all of which can be eaten in their large cafe. The cafe gets pretty crowded at lunchtime. (Upper West Side)

      2)Dojo West (14 West 4th Street near NYU's Bobst Library about a block below Washington Square Park) -- vegetarian and non-vegetarian food of the "earthtone" variety. Skip Dojo East on St. Mark's Place as it needs a good cleaning.

      3)Chip Shop (2 locations in Brooklyn) -- Fish and Chips or Fish and mashed potatos and peas or whatever. I always do the shop in Brooklyn's Park Slope, but there is now one in downtown Brooklyn on Atlantic Ave. I haven't been there yet.

      4)Speaking of Atlantic Avenue in downtown Brooklyn, go to the back of Sahadi's Middle Eastern grocery store, load up on various carry-out salads etc. then walk up to the Brooklyn Heights Promenade and eat while you watch Manhattan, the Statue of Libert and the Staten Island Ferries roll by. Perfect.

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      1. "Best Under $20" in Brooklyn and the city is a category that can yield hundreds of places to consider. I really think we have some of the best food in the world here, or at least really good versions - FROM all over the world. Your best bet is to scan the Manhattan and Outer Boro boards, and do some searches for various Asian, Central and South American, and Eastern European cuisines.
        When you get here, pickup the Voice for free, scan the listings. Where your Chowhound printouts and the Voice recommendations meet will be a nexus that will keep you fed 5x/day during your trip. If you need any insight into anything a bit pricier ($20 not including a beer?), pick up New York mag.
        After your trip tell us what you had, what was great, what was crap and everything in between.

        1. P/u a copy of this week's Time Out New York, the Cheap Eats issue. It might also give you ideas of other things to do in the city.

          1. I thought of another "best under $20": The mujadara at Kalustyan's. It's really great stuff!